People trying to get sciatica treatment in Hamilton New Jersey will sometimes have higher levels of pain in the mornings. This is pretty normal for those who have sciatica pain. However, it could also be a symptom of a chronic pain condition that needs professional help. On this page, the people from Performance Pain have broken down some of their thoughts on sciatica pain in the morning.

It Might Not Just be the Morning

Although it may seem like your pain is acting up mostly in the mornings, this may not necessarily be the case. Try to evaluate your level of pain at night. This will help you narrow down what the culprit for your pain in the morning is. Keep an open mind while doing your self-evaluation as this will help you give good information to your medical care provider.

Pain Can Be Worse in the Morning, Though

You must reach a high level of confidence that the pain is indeed worse in the mornings. This can help you take steps towards fixing the issue. If the pain is worse when you wake up, there are probably some steps that you can take while preparing to sleep to minimize this from occurring again with the same level of intensity.

Your Sleeping Position Could Be the Culprit

If you like to sleep on your side, this could be the problem. Your spine is not designed to sit flat when you are in a position like this. For best results, those who sleep on their sides should stay in the fetal position and place a pillow between their legs. Doing this will help keep your spine as straight as possible.

You Might Need to Change Your Bed

Those who have been using the same bed for years and years will quickly notice that the bed starts to lose its natural shape and sturdiness. It is common for springs in the middle of the bed to become weaker than ones on the outside, for example. This sort of issue can make it difficult for your spine to stay straight and aligned while you are trying to sleep.

Do Morning Stretches

If you want to avoid sciatica treatment in Hamilton New Jersey then one of the things you should be doing is early morning stretches. Once you wake up, stretch your arms out to the sky as high as possible. Then, touch your toes and stretch your spine in the process. Also, be sure to search around for other back stretches that can help keep your spine straight.

Think You Need Help Handling Sciatica Pain?

Those who need sciatica treatment in Hamilton New Jersey should consider coming in to see us here at Performance Pain. We are a high-quality pain clinic that can help you determine what is causing your sciatica pain and how to go about making the pain start to subside. Come in today and receive a free consultation as a first-time client.

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