code academy summer camp

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You STEM Educators!

This National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6th – 10), we want to give a special thank you to the men and women doing their part to make sure the future is full of bright minds by incorporating code into the classroom!

Organized by the National PTA to celebrate all teachers for the invaluable service they do, the first National Teacher Appreciation Week took place back in 1984. For the past 35 years, the PTA and business all around the country host celebrations, and offer perks!

From introducing children to the topic that inspire their profession, to simply encouraging them to believe in themselves, teachers have perhaps the most important role in the community; cultivating future minds for the betterment of society. As computers become more and more integral for our society to function, the importance of STEM teachers who incorporate coding into the classroom is more important than ever.

code academy summer camp
code academy summer camp

We understand just how critical a good STEM education early on can be in affecting a child’s capacity to easily grasp coding and computer science concepts. Not only are teachers skilled in science and mathematics extremely valuable they are also in short supply. Based off recent Texas Education Agency data only there are only 1,541 science teachers and 1821 math teachers in Texas out of the 358,514 total public school teachers in Texas!

This shortage makes sense, as those who choose to share their STEM knowledge with future generations do so ultimately at their own expense, given that the average salaries for STEM majors in the corporate world undoubtedly exceed those of a public school teacher.

From our team at Launch, thank you. Your work is not left unnoticed. If your child’s school offers computer science education, you’re one of the lucky few and those teachers deserve your gratitude. If you’d like to give your child access to more resources and a dedicated computer science education, check out code academy summer camp.

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digital marketing agency uk

Contemporary Vs Traditional Marketing for Small Businesses

The only way a company can get their brand noticed is through marketing. Problem is, it becomes a big issue for small businesses to choose the right marketing channel.

It may seem easy, but there is a lot that goes in. One has to sit down and come up with a proper marketing strategy. It will be worth your time and money to invest in a channel that gives your best possible returns.

Marketing is all about planning, executing and ROI. As an investment on its own, it determines how fast and best your company achieves growth.

It starts with the channel you choose. Here are some things to consider when choosing conventional or internet marketing.

Have goals

Where do you want to be in the next few years? And before you reach to a few years, what is your immediate next step? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself throughout the planning process.

Goals enable you to have a focus. They are like a mirror that show helps you reflect on where you are coming from. A goal is also like a map that gives you a sense of direction.

You should be thinking of how to hire a good online digital marketing agency UK. Look for a company that will join in your goals genuinely to help you grow.

Marketing also involves making partnerships. For you to succeed, you must put this factor into consideration. You goals should involve the people you want to be working with.

Do due diligence

digital marketing agency uk

There is no one who can say the traditional marketing is not as good as internet marketing for sure. Certain things make each of these methods unique and applicable in different ways. What you should be looking for is a genuine service.

One of the things that make the internet hard to decide on is the fact that it is full of fraudulent individuals. It is the kind of place you will find anything at any price you want. Some companies will display as holding the power to help you grow.

Take your time to research on the company you wish to work with. Only this way will you be sure of what you are hiring. Check out their websites and consider what other customers are saying.


Email marketing is one channel that may be seen as old fashioned by Gen Zers and Millennials. But those who have been on the market long enough, especially B2B businesses know just how important emails are. They have proved time and again their power for high conversion.

If you consider convenience, these are some of the things you should put in mind. Anything that helps you get more and better conversions is worth going for. Traditional or modern, they can all serve you well.


The results of a marketing strategy gives depends entirely on how good you plan. It does not really matter how you do it as long as the ROI is great. Just be sure to research well.

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ecommerce development

List of Most Preferred Responsive Web Design Frameworks

Here are some reliable and most preferred CSS and HTML5 responsive web design frameworks with compatibility features. These frameworks are powerful and lightweight.

Responsive web design is what gives the websites an interactive feel and consistent experiences across all channels. Today, it has become essentially important for the betterment of the websites and for the business as well. As the demand of responsive web layouts has created a buzz in the market, every business entrepreneur and blogger has started transforming their designs into the responsive layouts to ensure the compatibility with all the screen sizes. By understanding the growing need for responsiveness, developers have provided many of the responsive methodologies and frameworks to facilitate the users with mobile first designs.

You must be aware of a wide variety of frameworks used for crafting the perfect responsive website design. In this blog, you will be learning about the wide series of open source CSS and HTML5 frameworks for responsive web design.

Why Are HTML and CSS Frameworks Beneficial?

Responsiveness can be easily achieved through the HTML5 and CSS tags, hence developers consider these as the ideal techniques for creating the exceptional website designs having features of screen adaptability. There are numerous frameworks available to use in your ecommerce web design Toronto. Here is a brief of some most used frameworks for responsive web designs.


Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks. Due to the advancement in technology, it has now been available in the latest version of Bootstrap 3 which is considered as the most sought after framework for website development, web design concepts and various types of responsive web designs. It is enriched with a plethora of advanced features that ensure to provide easier and faster web development.

ecommerce web design toronto
ecommerce web design toronto


As per the developers’ perspectives, it is considered as one of the leading front-end frameworks in the market right now. Also, this framework is known as an ultra responsive framework which provides ultimate design solutions to those who are looking to have mobile friendly websites, email templates and responsive applications. The reason behind its popularity is the inbuilt Sass, which is a powerful CSS preprocessor and make development happen in a systematic manner.


Gumby is an outstanding framework to consider for a responsive web development as it contains toggles and flexible grid options that make a website more responsive. Apart from acknowledged as the best CSS framework, it has got the goodness of SASS which further helps developers in speeding up their development process.


If you are seeking for a small and easy to use framework to develop your responsive solutions. Developers called it a beautiful boilerplate for responsive and mobile-friendly websites with the use of properly segmented CSS codes. Having this framework helps users develop such solutions that are adaptable to the screen sizes of all the smart devices.

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eCommerce Web Design Toronto and eCommerce Web Development

There are a number of affordable development design solutions for budding entrepreneurs and new merchants. Should you be in the process of realising your eCommerce Web Design Toronto, or at the early stages of setting up a business plan, The Development Shop offers a number of popular eCommerce Web Design Toronto, whether you fancy the popular Magento development, osCommerce based CRE Loaded or something else completely different. It is essential to determine what kind of design/layout you want since the early stages of your site, and the variety of options offered here cater for almost any business purpose.

It can be overwhelming for new businesses to come up with an adequate design for their website, which is really an unnecessary worry since the existence of eCommerce Web Design Toronto. Website Developments exist to reduce the cost of hiring a designer and to make life easier when you need to access the site’s database and other managing aspects. Developments also easily allow the integration of complex site functions, like shopping carts, live chat and much more. But how do you choose the right development?

Firstly consider the type of business you want to set-up, and think about what you will need in terms of functionality. For instance you might want to thread carefully, and set-up a simple 2-3 page website aimed at selling T-shirts, Mugs and similar products to supplement an existing business which you have. In this case a simple development will suffice, and spending more than required on a Magento or CRE Loaded development isn’t necessary.

In terms of looks and layout, consider your target audience, and how the site’s design might attract (or detract) more buyers and more traffic. As another example, we’ll pick a website aimed at selling flowers: a colorful layout instantly comes to mind, though not too loud as to drive customers away. Balancing design-needs and ease of navigation can be difficult at first, so a simple site might be preferable when starting out, instead of a feature-rich one. Simple sites also load much quicker, making sure that your buyers don’t grow bored and leave.

ecommerce web design toronto

Moreover you may want to consider customer support for your site and the right choice for a shopping cart. Customer support can even be helpful in creating a relationship with your customers, who will likely return if they feel your business responds promptly to their woes. Choosing a shopping cart may seem easy, but it entirely depends on the nature of your business. Consider things like coupons, affiliate programs or newsletter functions, all of which can be integrated into a shopping cart. If your plan is to get commissions through an affiliate program, then your cart will need to cater for that. If you instead wish to update your buyers and take a more hands-on approach, then there are carts with an integrated newsletter function. Popular carts include TomatoCart and Prestashop which can be integrated into the development of your choice.

Another aspect which comes to mind when choosing a development is how much customization you will require as your business expands. Buying a development will still save you precious time and money, though should you need your layout/design customized constantly it is better to choose a Prestashop based development. If you wish for a more intuitive solution, Tomatocart offers an easy interface which allows customization even by beginners.

If you are unsure on which development is right for your business, keep reading to ultimately make an informed decision. We will guide you through what kind of venture each development is suited for, including the specific types of developments available suited to a number of different eCommerce Web Design Toronto.

Magento Developments

Magento is widely used by many top brand-name businesses, including Samsung, Harvey Nichols and many others. Users can choose from the Community or Enterprise edition, flavours which depend on whether you plan on growing your business or not. mainly offers two Magento developments, which cater for businesses of an adult nature.

Prestashop Developments

This open source eCommerce solutions offers more flexibility compared to Magento, and you can always hire an experienced coder to modify the developments or fine-tune them exactly as you wish. The site offers a number of Prestashop developments at affordable rates for small or starting businesses; these include developments suited to clothing, lingerie, PC/Mac hardware, jewellery shops and many more types.

Tomatocart Developments

Tomatocart might be lesser known than either Magento or Prestashop but it offers an intuitive front-end, and integrated Google Adsense and SNS. This solution is easy to use for beginners, as it looks and feels similar to a Windows OS rather than more traditional eCommerce solutions. There are many Tomatocart developments on the, including contemporary fashion, music store and a colorful Hi-tech theme.

CRE Loaded Commerce Developments

This solution is much like OsCommerce but with a number of additions, such as coupon codes, admin access levels and Easy populate to easily import a database. CRE comes with the standard OsCommerce development system, allowing you to be selective on what information is displayed. CRE Loaded developments present on the site include computer-related designs, Hi Tech developments, adult designs and many more.

Aside from the above, you can also state specific requirements should you need a design which isn’t available. You might find you need extra features like live chat, a customer service forum or multi language support all of which can be provided by at affordable prices.

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Mobile App development

Mobile Apps Developers Toronto

Mobile Apps Developers provides professional mobile and web development teams on hire which includes capable mobile and web software developers. We are a dynamic mobile and web application development company catering to the mobile and web development requirements of customers worldwide. Outsourcing mobile and web development is the best way for companies to get their work done in an affordable yet reliable way. Our developers are highly capable and dynamic in General especially focussed on general mobile application development and General software application development. Use of General has been rising significantly for all kinds of mobile and software products. Our General mobile apps developers have extensive industry experience and are trained in all aspects of General application development.


Within the General technology domain, we provide services to a vast range of industries such as FMCG, Corporate, Telecommunication, Enterprise, Retail, Travel, Call Center, Casino/ Gambling etc. Leveraging a combination a number of General development methodologies such as Waterfall, Iterative, Agile and communication systems such as IM, voice chat, an email we can offer our services to clients globally, reliably without any hassles. Following a process driven approach our General developers are well versed with all international development standards and General development processes and leverage the most advanced project management tools like Microsoft Project, MantisBT, Rachota, BugTracker.NET, and distributed source control and versioning tools like Git, SourceSafe. Our vast exposure to cutting-edge General mobile development projects has given us a solid background in custom third-party API integrations such as POS/ Till Machine API, SmartCard API, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Youtube API, ccAvenue Payment Gateway, Barcode Systems API, Protx Payment Gateway and numerous others.

We have specialist mobile and web development teams consisting of General architects and committed General developers on third-party and open-source General software and mobile code SDK\’s, libraries, frameworks and components like. We also offer special solutions to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various third-party and opensource application packages like and others.

Offshore mobile and web developers at mobile apps developers are an incredible resource for getting a job done without the hassle of the management overheads of normal personnel. We offer specialized mobile and web software developers and dedicated General mobile developers for all your software and mobile development project requirements. Irrespective of whether you are looking at developing custom General applications or other software based applications, we have the developer for your needs.

We develop and implement a number of General apps and cross-platform mobile apps and solutions in such as Mobile Fleet Tracking, Mobile Shopping, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Games, Mobile eCommerce, Mobile Conferencing, Mobile Groupware, Enterprise Mobile CRM, Business Reporting, Mobile SMS Apps.

We specialize in all kinds of general mobile and web games developed with advanced 3D graphics and General enterprise apps with a service-oriented architecture following modern application design. We provide end-to-end consultancy and integration services to companies over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces, and mobile devices to support on-demand access to business-critical data.

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SEO Strategy to to Get an Optimal Result

Doing SEO, Search Engine Optimization from the beginning have been determined strategy that will be used to be able to compete with millions of websites that exist around the world. Internet marketing is a very interesting thing to me. I started to learn internet marketing especially SEO in 2019. When it first I create a website for my wife, my self-taught learning SEO. Learning from blogs that discuss about internet marketing and search marketing optimization. From there I began to love the world of internet marketing and SEO.

top seo companies in los angeles
top seo companies in los angeles

Internet marketing is the most I like is to be done from anywhere and anytime, not bound by space and time. With SEO, Search Engine Optimization we can put our website’s position in a particular State. For example, although I come from los angeles I can put the keywords “top seo companies in los angeles” for the State of USA. And it can also be done from my country, los angeles. To be able to place the position of the first page of Google’s keywords in a particular country we can do a few things below:

Add url

If your website just insert your website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc bing. Actually you do not enter the URL to the search engines do, by themselves they will enter a website or blog to their listings.

Country setting in Google webmaster tools

After you enter your url to search engines the next step is setting the Google webmaster tools. If you do not already have an account please register first. After you register please set the Google webmaster tools and do not forget to select your destination country to put keywords. In Google webmaster tools is you can also submit a sitemap for your website / blog.

Setting Language in Google Webmaster tools

After submit a sitemap and select a country to put the keywords the next step is setting the language. For the common language is English, since this international language. But you can also choose automatic.

Link Building Strategy

In a series of link building to get backlinks, it’s worth finding backlinks from the State that we are headed. For example, if we target keywords best seo company in los angeles in America, try to find backlinks from blogs that originate from Los Angeles or the United States.

Submit to local directories and listings

Enter our website to local online business directories that exist in the destination city. If you live in a large metropolitan area, there may be Several directories available to you. Your affordable seo company can devise a comprehensive local online marketing campaign That includes multiple geographic locations. Focusing on location-based keywords and a variety of local directories and maps, your business can rank well for a number of different locations.

Local SEO is to get national rangkings

People used to look for local businesses in Their Yellow Pages directory. Not anymore. In these days of mobile Web access and online browsing, people are using search engines more than ever to find businesses in Their local community. Local SEO is your key to getting noticed in this crowded online space.

You can get a good position on search engines both local and national with some of the steps above. The key of the above 6 things I think is a strategy in building the link, but five other things that also remains to be done. With the expected optimal SEO results your website can generate revenue continues to increase.

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8 Tips to create a Landing Page

You need a copy for your landing page but you’re not sure where to start. First, let’s clarify what we mean by a landing page. A landing page can be a page that visitors come to after clicking on a promotional banner or link. Ultimately, the landing page must convince the visitor that they should stay on your site. You may also have a goal that you want to be accomplished, such as:

  • Signing up for a newsletter or filling out a förm
  • Buying a product
  • Reading informational pieces

What’s going to keep them there? The structure, the language, and the visual appeal all play a part of it. Chëck out these SEO consultant tips to create a great landing page, or reinvent the one you already have.

The Structure

People arrive at your site looking for answers. They scan to see if they’re in the right place and assess whether it’s going to be a quick and easy visit or a long grinding one. Your landing page is the welcome wagon inviting them in and feeding them the information they need. The structure of the page will either pull them in and encourage them to fulfill your goal or distract and cause them to cut out of there before getting the whole picture.

The structure of the landing page, in general, should be matching that of the banner, äd or link they clicked on to get them there. So for example, if your PPC Ad is targeting San Jose SEO Company articles, your landing page should discuss exactly that. If a Victoria Secret’s äd for lingerie shows up and you clíck on it, you will be transferred to a landing page with the exact image and structure of the äd.

The Visuals

  • Copy placement – Strategic use of copy and graphics will catch the visitor’s attention. Don’t muck up the page with large, distracting graphics. Use plenty of whitespaces and place your message in the central portion of the page rather than placing information down the sides, where the focus can be lost quickly. Keep the copy short. The visitor expects a precise message, so don’t choke it up with tons of mindless prose.
  • Beauty is in the eye – Use a consistent color palette. If you have advertising or banners that link visitors to your website, make sure the concept and color scheme match across the board. It’s also a great visual indicator for the visitor because they can easily identify that they’re still in the right place.
  • Simplify – Remove any distracting elements like advertising banners, links, or additional blocks of information from the page and get down to the specific message.
  • The Goal — Before you design the landing page, decide what the goal of the page will be. If you’re looking for newsletter subscribers, the goal will be to have the visitor enter their information and become a member of your mailing líst.

seo-pageBe a Sleuth

Do your research. Keep your visitors in mind when building your landing page and tailor it to suit their needs. By narrowing your options and focusing on your visitor, you’ll stay on target.

Keep Your Focus

Keep the focus on you. You’ve dangled a large poster board over their head and pulled them in. Now that you’ve got them, don’t give your visitors a reason to wander.

Use a Call to Action

A SEO Company call to action, such as ’subscribe now’ or ‘get this offër’ reminds the visitor why they are on your website. Place them toward the top of your page. For users that want to clíck, it allows them to find it easily. For those who are still deciding, it’s a great reminder.

Many sites place the consultation or contact förm directly on the landing page, which may not be such a bad idea. Again, you need glaring calls to action. Don’t add several useless links on the page that will take the visitor back to your main site; rather include the links that will get them to actually purchase your San Jose SEO Services.

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Enhance Your San Jose SEO Campaign with a PR Strategy Online

Press Releases are a very important way to distinguish or differentiate your company in the public’s view of your company. Most companies already understand this strategy and in one way or another they have used press releases to make special announcements or they have responded to some event. Today, with the internet press releases can be used in a myriad of ways that will assist in your search engine optimization company efforts.

So how can it be done? How do you compliment your San Jose SEO campaign with press releases? The press release campaign online is very different than your standard press release through traditional print media sources. If I working on a press release in San Jose, I would probably distribute the PR to all of the local papers of course and then issue a second wave of press releases to my local publications and neighborhood publications. None of these are really going to assist with my search engine optimization in San Jose, although by making mention of my website inside the press release I would probably receive some “direct traffic” from the release. Direct traffic, in this case, would be short-lived and not give a permanent backlink to my website. So, to answer my questions in the beginning here, I would distribute my press releases online to services on the web that enable you to link the content in the press release to your website. By adding one or two useful links in the article to your website or URL’s within your website, you will be assisting your Google PageRank and overall linking strategy which will affect your keyword position in the leading search engines.

Google Page Rank

Using distribution services is important because these sources of news usually already have a high page rank. So when they release the press release, usually the article will start to show in the top of the search engines for the keyword that you targeted throughout the article. So for example, if we released a press release on “San Jose internet marketing company” and we submitted the release with this keyword to the major online PR services, our article might likely show up for this search term through the PR sites. If someone searches for this term online and finds the article before they find our site, it is likely that they will click on our site within the article or perhaps one of the hyperlinked key phrases inside the article. The nicest part of this press release is that it does not get thrown in the trash with the daily paper, it remains online pointing at our site for as long as the press release service keeps it up!

These online PR services can cost anything from $1 up to $325.00 and they all seem to offer different programs. What I mean is that some are enhanced for SEO Company San Jose CA purposes while some of the better performing services like and are a little more traditional with their services. Remember to follow Google’s guidelines when creating your press release, you will want to establish a release that has useful content and that is not stuffed with keywords. So a couple of examples of releases that might work for your business would be the announcement of a new location, a new service or product that your company is releasing or perhaps you are speaking at a trade show or industry event.

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seo services los angeles

Best Search Engine Optimization Company in Los Angeles

seo company los angeles
seo company los angeles

Taking the online businesses is the greatest choice to make to be able to get the desirable amount of growth and success. In case your company isn’t on the web, it is then losing out a large chance. Without going online, your business will not be able to locate a larger and broader marketplace to serve. Go where every seo marketing companies are heading to capitalize upon the ever increasing prospects. Firstly, get a feature rich and easy to use web site developed. Hire specialists to develop your site you might say to bring every accessible benefit in the digital world. You may need  seo services los angeles to increase your visibility on the web.

SEO or net internet search engine ranking is a technique to foster ranks and visibility of web sites, products, services or any component of the business. You’ll remain invisible unless optimization benefits are availed. The focus of SEO is to maintain both users and search engines happy at the same time. If search engines are joyful, it means your internet site will get top-notch positions, and once users are happy, this means they locate your web site more often on the internet plus they don’t confront any problem in getting any part of the web site. More benefits will reach to your web site when it can take care of user experience.

With net internet seo services in los angeles, your web site receives more targeted visits that lead to the era of more clients or more possibilities. The best part about optimization is its bring location separate advantages which otherwise take lots of investment. It means, your web site can explore new markets, achieve new users and add new clients from any corner of the world. Better conversion rates are achieved as your site is equipped with capabilities to meet and exceed clients requirements. In the same time, better rankings build brand consciousness as users see your web site more frequently and also trust it greater than earlier.

With Search engine optimization, no matter whether you are a small entity or a large corporate house as an amount playing field is available to every business. Marketing advantages won’t be in the percentage of the spending budget spent, instead your constant efforts and determination may make the entire distinction. It means, internet search engine optimization gives your company an opportunity becoming a part of the brutal competition and emerge victorious. Your site is present across social stations to connect and communicate with modern age users. Real time involvement and feedback from clients are now available to build the foundation more and achieve business goals. Each one of these benefits however aren’t available unless you hire the best seo companies los angeles. Only experts know exactly what it can take to gain the most out of marketing. Never trust a business that lacks Search engine optimization expertise as this won’t serve any purpose.

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How exciting is a virtual reality experience?

With the advancement in technology, there have been many transformations in the gaming industry. Since the last few years, gaming has reached to a new level. With virtual reality, an artificial environment can be creating into almost anything. With the help of a combination of hardware and software, the user can experience virtual reality near the reality surroundings. The person who interacts with it becomes a part of the artificial environment and can operate or perform operations. VR experience is a hot trend these days.

VR experience
VR experience

There are many VR arcades near you where you can pay some money and rent a VR headset to play a bundle of games. This helps a person enter the computer-generated world with a small amount of fee. The best part of virtual reality experience is that you get the exposure to sounds, sights, and feelings too. It would be an amazing experience for lifetime.

Some of the best types of VR experience:

  • Flying

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well, VR experience can make this dream come true. With a VR headset, you can fly. Once you put your VR glasses on, you would come across the excitement of flying.

  • Swimming

A VR experience of swimming under the oceans would excite you. How beautiful it would be to see yourself swimming in an ocean witnessing dozens of fish, sharks, and whales? You would definitely feel like you’re underwater along with the sea creatures.

  • Roller Coaster

Even when you are at your home sitting on a couch, you can experience a roller coaster ride. Put your VR headsets on and start feeling the gravity when the roller coaster turns and twists. This virtual reality experience can be a great idea if you are afraid of experiencing a real roller coaster ride.

VR experience
VR experience
  • Skydiving

Skydiving is an adventure sport that is a dream for many people as it is expensive. You can get a headset and experience skydiving. You can fly to high altitudes without digging a hole in your pocket.

  • Fight Zombies

If you are a person who is fascinated about zombies, you can experience a game where you can shoot the zombies in an VR experience. You would love to see them dead in front of you.

If you are bored of video games, you can have a real-time experience with Virtual Reality games. They are surely a cheaper substitute for real-life experiences. It is really fun to be in an exciting environment for some time and the person feels refreshed after it. Even if you want your kids to experience a scuba diving or a paragliding, you can make them do so with the help of a virtual reality experience. If you have kids below the age of 13 years, you must supervise them while they experience virtual reality. No matter what age you may be, you would surely enjoy experience a VR games.

A person would love to enter into a world of virtual reality to experience new things. A VR game can be a refreshing treat for anyone after a long, tiring day at work.

LevelUp Reality can offer an exciting experience to you with the help of Virtual reality. You can book a session or invite your friends for a lifetime VR experience.

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