Golf Course Marketing Tips

The best and most effective way to promote your golf course business is to engage in active marketing. Marketing is not a one-time thing.

For better results, you have to dive into marketing. As long as you are in business, you’ll want to have a lifetime subscription to marketing.

Now, for you to effectively market your golf course, you’ll want to understand your brand. Leveraging your strengths and weaknesses will help you figure out what to focus on and how to go about marketing your golf course.

However, marketing is easier said than done. It takes time and dedication to get your business where you want it. Slow and steady does win the race.

If you want your golf course to regularly attract fresh golfers and at the same time retain your old customers, consider the following golf course marketing tips to get the job done:

Organize Friendly Golf Tournaments

Hosting a tournament is an excellent way of generating some fast revenue and also promoting your brand. One of the easiest ways to have lots of people at your course is by setting up a golf tournament.

Besides the fact that your golf club members and customers get to have fun playing against each other, they indirectly promote and advertise your golf course when they start inviting people to watch them play.

Seeing, they say, is believing. A lot of people love to see the value for their money before buying any product or service.

The tournament is a perfect opportunity for you to show strangers and prospective customers what they stand to gain.

You’ll also want to set up a little booth where attendees who have an interest in your golf club can make inquiries and fill a register with the necessary information so you can do some follow up.

Set Up A Loyalty Program

If you are creative enough, you’ll find more than one way to milk these golf course marketing tips Taking this loyalty package for instance, ordinarily, you’ll not want to treat your customers with preference.

Appreciating them will help in retaining them, but the level of appreciation will vary. Consider setting up a loyalty program at your golf course to increase your membership and customer base and ultimately increase your earnings.

You can set up a personal card for every member to monitor their activities at your club. You’ll want to make their reward for being loyal to your club worth it. Consider awarding them with a round of golf or discounts when they shop for golf products.

This marketing tip will encourage other customers to regularly visit your club to earn a place on the loyalty program, and it will also help you retain your customers.

Organize Golf Events for Women

I know. It sounds lame, but it’s effective. Golf is a sport mostly attributed to men, and it is only natural for women to try out men’s stuff.

Besides, won’t it be fun to watch a bunch of women on the golf course. Now that’s the catch, lots of men and other women will grace to occasion to have fun and make memories. You have successfully promoted how accommodating and flexible your brand is to all.

Consider sharing flyers with details of what you do at your golf course and the benefits of being a member of your golf club.


The key to a successful golf course business is effective marketing. Adopt these golf course marketing tips to promote and increase the revenue-generating potential of your golf course.

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