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Language is a nation’s biggest asset and has a very important role in the country’s overall development. Even though the primary purpose of language is communication, it also fosters understanding, unity, and creates a sense of nationalism, thus contributing greatly to a country’s growth.

For a place like Dubai, where there are multi-lingual people residing, communication and legal translation are very important. If you are a citizen of Dubai, you surely need to get the best legal translation services in Dubai to make sure all your paperwork is updated according to the right rules and regulations, all year round.

What is language?

For a lot of people, language is just the oral interaction between two people with the help of words. However, language goes way beyond that. Language can be used in many different forms, including oral and written communication or even through your body parts’ actions and movements.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that language is a joining force for all humanity, a centripetal force that helps people connect with each other in whatever way they prefer and are comfortable in. According to Adegbiji Adesoji (1989), language is “the skin in which aspirations are couched, the skin of thought and the flesh of the mind.”

This means that language is not only a means of communication but is also capable of preserving one’s thought process. It is like a dual-edged sword that has the power to combine as well as tear apart a nation, making it both a destroying and uniting force. It is, therefore, on the people of a country that how they decide to use language.

While language can be used in countless different ways, it also serves a medium that bridges the gaps and gives people a medium to connect. It gives them a way of conveying their needs, wants and feelings to others around them.

In today’s world, as distances are narrowing down, and anyone sitting in any part of the world can communicate with another person, language plays a vital role. You can talk to anyone using a common language (or even without sharing a common language) and communicate with them.

Language and the United Arab Emirates

Like every other country, language holds immense importance in the United Arab Emirates. The official language of Dubai is Arabic. Emiratis have adopted different dialects of Arabic across the Gulf. However, the same standard Arabic language is taught in schools to make sure the newer generation is on the same page, more united, and stronger.

English is also widely spoken in Dubai and it would not be wrong to call Dubai a multi-lingual state.

Country development with multi-lingual residents:

The use of numerous languages provides language diversity which leads to more open-mindedness amongst people. This multiplicity and variety of thoughts gives birth to innovation and hence, aids in the development of the nation.

In addition to that, it is often easier for multi-lingual countries to build foreign connections as having different languages and people from different cultures means sharing common people in other countries. This favors both or all the countries involved and proves beneficial for mutual interests.  

The development where the inhabitants speak a single language

Since all humans have almost the same cognitive abilities as their brains, therefore, all languages function the same way and are equally complex.

Language inevitably impacts industrial as well as technological development along with the way information is perceived.

If the spoken language is also understood in neighbouring countries or anywhere around the globe, the exchange of ideas and advancements in science and other fields will be a lot easier and constructive. In a nutshell, the language of a country contributes majorly to the nation’s advancement, be it in education, technology, or any other field.

If you are unaware of what legal translation is, it is the translation of language that is fully approved by a country’s law. It is specifically used in legal settings and mostly for legal purposes only.

Many a times, people think legal translation is only used in law, which may be wrong in some cases. Since a country’s law is culturally dependant, legal translation does not always have to be linguistically transparent.

For residents of Dubai, conversing in Arabic as well as English is the common practice, especially for businessmen and women, as this is the best and easiest way to keep your records and files updated lawfully.

You may find yourself in situations where legal translations will come in handy as they are considered more authentic. Even though it might be not a mandatory requirement, but will give your translated document more validity if it had undergone a legal translation.

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Most of the time, people think they can translate their legal documents themselves to save some money. However, it is not always beneficial. You may be saving some bucks but also compromising on the quality at the same time. Hiring the best legal translation services in Dubai will not only ensure the best quality of work but also provide you with culturally correct wording that will make sure your documents pass all the legal restrictions.

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