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How to Buy the Best Postal Tubes at Affordable Prices?

Postal tubes are used for various purposes related to packaging. Packing and transporting of fragile items becomes easier with postal tubes. Delicate items can be packed properly before they are shipped to a different location. eCommerce website owners use postal tubes for packing and sending posters, maps, artwork, and blueprints. It is important to invest in high quality cardboard tubes to ensure safe delivery of the items. Important documents can be packed into mailing tubes before they are shipped. It ensures safe delivery of the rolled items.

Most of the reputed manufacturers offer postal tubes in different shapes and sizes. Look for trustworthy suppliers who sell tubes that are designed to perfection. Business owners should transport A3 or even A4 sized documents in mailing tubes. Search for professional finish postal tubes that are durable.

Postal tubes

Environment-friendly postal tubes are the need of the hour. They come with secure end caps, and the mailed items can be protected at each and every step of the journey while transportation. Whether you need packaging solutions for electronics or medical applications, it is essential to buy the best quality cardboard tubes for packaging the supplies.

Some manufacturers and supplies offer customized postal tubes as per the customers’ exact requirements. Large sheets of cardboard and thick sheets of paper are cut into thin ribbons. They are spiral-bound and measured and cut into the tubes. Water-proof and water-resistant cardboard tubes are used for heavy-duty applications. One can look for the tubes that are resilient to humidity and can withstand high pressure and temperature. As cardboard is porous, the tubes can be used for various purposes.

Think of all the factors while buying postal tubes for your business. Discuss your requirements with a few experts and get suggestions. They would be able to provide you with the best suitable solutions matching your exact business needs. Paper tubes are available in different colors, designs, and patterns. You can get your business logo printed on the tubes. Look for light-weight and decorative cardboard tubes for packaging.

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List of Most Preferred Responsive Web Design Frameworks

Here are some reliable and most preferred CSS and HTML5 responsive web design frameworks with compatibility features. These frameworks are powerful and lightweight.

Responsive web design is what gives the websites an interactive feel and consistent experiences across all channels. Today, it has become essentially important for the betterment of the websites and for the business as well. As the demand of responsive web layouts has created a buzz in the market, every business entrepreneur and blogger has started transforming their designs into the responsive layouts to ensure the compatibility with all the screen sizes. By understanding the growing need for responsiveness, developers have provided many of the responsive methodologies and frameworks to facilitate the users with mobile first designs.

You must be aware of a wide variety of frameworks used for crafting the perfect responsive website design. In this blog, you will be learning about the wide series of open source CSS and HTML5 frameworks for responsive web design.

Why Are HTML and CSS Frameworks Beneficial?

Responsiveness can be easily achieved through the HTML5 and CSS tags, hence developers consider these as the ideal techniques for creating the exceptional website designs having features of screen adaptability. There are numerous frameworks available to use in your ecommerce web design Toronto. Here is a brief of some most used frameworks for responsive web designs.


Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks. Due to the advancement in technology, it has now been available in the latest version of Bootstrap 3 which is considered as the most sought after framework for website development, web design concepts and various types of responsive web designs. It is enriched with a plethora of advanced features that ensure to provide easier and faster web development.

ecommerce web design toronto
ecommerce web design toronto


As per the developers’ perspectives, it is considered as one of the leading front-end frameworks in the market right now. Also, this framework is known as an ultra responsive framework which provides ultimate design solutions to those who are looking to have mobile friendly websites, email templates and responsive applications. The reason behind its popularity is the inbuilt Sass, which is a powerful CSS preprocessor and make development happen in a systematic manner.


Gumby is an outstanding framework to consider for a responsive web development as it contains toggles and flexible grid options that make a website more responsive. Apart from acknowledged as the best CSS framework, it has got the goodness of SASS which further helps developers in speeding up their development process.


If you are seeking for a small and easy to use framework to develop your responsive solutions. Developers called it a beautiful boilerplate for responsive and mobile-friendly websites with the use of properly segmented CSS codes. Having this framework helps users develop such solutions that are adaptable to the screen sizes of all the smart devices.

Best CrossFit Pittsburgh


Every month at Industrial Athletics starts with our CrossFit Fundamentals Program.  It is our introductory class that teaches everyone the basic movements and lifts that we use in CrossFit.  Inevitably, I have one participant who is ramped up and ready to dive in.  By the end of the Fundamentals Program, this amped up participant starts to talk with me about diet and supplements.  Then the question comes, “What supplements should I take to burn off this fat and put on muscle fast?”  There is almost a look of disappointment when I tell him/her that 85% is diet and only 15% is supplementation.  Diet is the most important.  If you are not eating correctly, there is no workout in the world, and no amount of supplements, that will sustain a long term healthy lifestyle.  Supplements are a “SUPPLEMENT” to a healthy diet.  However, for those who have dialed in their diet, here is a short guide on supplements:


Perhaps the most important supplement is Protein Powder.  Assuming you are receiving the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet, a hard working CrossFitter needs some extra protein right after a workout to help rebuild the torn down muscle tissue.  This added protein will aid in recovery and the building of lean muscle mass.

Picking a good protein depends on a lot of factors.  First, you want to find a whey protein isolate.  Look at the ingredients.  Are there a lot of “fillers?”  These will be the words you don’t know that sound like something from your chemistry class.  You want a protein powder with no more than 10 ingredients, most of which are natural.  Look at the nutrition label.  You want a powder that has about 20-30 grams of protein per serving, 1.5-5 grams of fat, and 1.5-5 grams of carbs.

Best CrossFit Pittsburgh

Sometimes, we receive questions about certain brands.  The brand is not super important.  Just because the protein powder is put out by a big name company doesn’t mean it is the best.  You are often paying a lot for that name.  Go back to the paragraph above and follow that guide.  You will probably find a good quality powder for less than you expect.

Every so often, I get a question about protein powder for women vs. men.  That often depends on your goals.  Protein powder designed specifically for women exists.  However, it is often designed for body builders and fitness competitors, i.e. combined with some kind of fat burning supplement.  The same goes for muscle builder proteins designed for men.  They are often stuffed full of excess fat and carbs.


Also known as Omega-3 oil, fish oil is thought to help in the reduction of free radicals.  Our diets are full of Omega-6 oil that is often found in grains.  It is believed that Omega-6 causes silent inflammation in the body that leads to different syndromes later in life.  Omega-3, naturally found in fish, reduces the Omega-6.  I find that it also helps me recover and keeps my joints from aching.

Similar to protein powder, it is important to find a good quality fish oil.  Once again, that doesn’t mean expensive.  Look at the label to check the amount of Omega-3 per serving.  The general consensus is 2000mg-4000mg per day.  The more quality supplement will have a higher mg count per serving.

Not all Omega-3 is created equal.  Check the label for the break down of Omega 3.  You are looking for EPA and DHA.  You may also see ALA, ETA, and DPA.  The higher the quantity of EPA and DHA, the better it is.


If you are one of those people who doesn’t love vegetables, you may need a multivitamin to supplement your vitamins and minerals.  These include calcium, iron, B6, B12, etc.  Generally speaking, most multivitamins will have very similar ingredients.  While there is not a lot of science backing the quantity needed of each vitamin or mineral, we do know things like women often need more iron and calcium.  You may want to increase your vitamin C during flu season.  This has caused the market to produce different types of multivitamins.  Shop around, look at the ingredients, and compare the quantities of each vitamin and mineral.  Bottom line, find an affordable multivitamin with words you have heard:  iron, calcium, the vitamin letters, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc.


(Not Recommended)

I add pre-workout to the end of this simply because it is all too often seen in Best CrossFit Pittsburgh.  We see the red and blue liquids in protein shakers almost every class.  Pre-workout is a supplement that should be used sparingly.  It has its place and it can be beneficial to maximize performance.  However, when used too often, it can become addicting.  If you cannot workout without first drinking your pre-workout, you should consider other changes in your life, like increasing your sleep, adding some dense carbs to your diet, or adding the supplements laid out above.  I would recommend never using it.  However, even I have used pre-workout to aid in competitions.

This is not an exhaustive list of all of the beneficial supplements on the market.  We didn’t talk about BCAAs, for example.  Pay attention to your diet first.  If you are eating a well balanced diet of Proteins, Fats, and Carbs, then you are prepared to add some of the above.  Once you see how these supplements affect your performance, then you may start adding more specific supplements designed with specific outcomes in mind.  If you have questions about supplements, let us know.

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gyms in fort lauderdale

How to Get Back into the Gym

The holidays are officially over. Personally, I hate taking down all the decorations. For me that means that the festivities, the parties, the food, the notion of peace on earth and goodwill towards men have all suddenly vanished. For many of us, this means that we no longer have excuses or obstacles in our way to get back into the gym. Yet, it can be very challenging to make that first move especially if we have taken an extended break from exercise.

As an athlete, I struggled with an injury about a year ago that basically resulted in me having to take a good month and a half off. I was grateful for the rest as I had previously pushed myself way too hard but when it was time to get back to it, I looked in the mirror and saw the results of what I could only call a downward spiral of bad choices. Because I stopped working out, I started making very poor eating choices. I drank more than I normally did and didn’t get enough sleep. For me, it’s either all going in a positive direction or in a negative one. It was definitely not going the way I wanted. And this is a totally normal experience. I’m sure you have felt this way too that when one thing is going well we can leverage that experience to help push other facets in a positive direction. It can also be the same with when things are not going your way. And this was the case with me.

I remember looking at the mirror and this voice crept into my mind, “what’s the use? You’ll have to start all over and you’re more limited now than ever because of your injury.” The prospect seemed daunting. I had trained pretty seriously for about 5 years now and I had a major setback. I know many of you have felt that same feeling of starting back at square one whether it’s taking a month off, a year off or maybe it’s been a few years.

Especially in sunny and fit Florida, having access to some of the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale has to offer, you might not know where to begin. I’m here to tell you that all you need to do is make the first move and we can do the rest. However, here’s a few other pieces of advice that are helpful when starting off on the right foot in getting back into the gym.

1. Bite Off What You Can Realistically Chew

gyms in fort lauderdale

For me, what I needed to do was take a “one step at a time” approach. If I tried to just do it all at once it would be an epic failure as I would be taking on too much. I needed to reintroduce positive reinforcement to getting me back into the gym. So, I started by just doing one session a week. That was my task in the beginning. If I can make it to one workout a week then eventually I can make it to two and so on. Manageable goals are the key to your success.

2. Be Patient With Yourself

I was nowhere near my peak when I got back into the gym. It wasn’t just the month off, but the injury forced me to evaluate how I approached certain movements I now was limited with. I had to constantly remind myself that I was in a different phase of my life and not to hold unrealistic expectations of myself. Even at the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale can provide, with the best trainers and coaches cheering you on, having the patience for yourself as you re-adjust to a gym routine will work wonders. As Coaches, we don’t expect world class fitness out of anyone, much less someone who is just coming back. Know that we’re happy you’re there and making the effort and you should feel the same pride within yourself.

3. There Is Nothing Better Than a Friend’s Support

When I got back in, I was lucky enough to have my training partner work out with me and help me scale movements as well as encourage me to keep going. That’s one of the best things about CrossFit, is that it’s communal in a group setting. Working out alone, even at the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale has, can feel like a huge drag. Friends can make all the difference. At RoxFire Fitness, I encourage an environment that is supportive and just know that we’re all there with a shared goal in mind. It’s great accountability to have someone who is trying to do the same thing you are! So next time you come in, bring a new friend with you and we’ll help them started as well.

The biggest takeaway from this I can offer is that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Maybe you’re someone who has always started and stopped workout programs because you’re on your own. I know what it’s like to walk into a big anonymous gym and have to self-motivate especially when taking time off. This is the real value of working out in a CrossFit class. I’m going to do everything I can to motivate you to come in and give it to your best. I want you to succeed and see the full value of the premium experience you’re paying for.

At the end of the day, making the effort is really what counts. If you can send us an email or text and say “hey I need to get back in, but I’m struggling!” – have no fear. I’ll give you a call and we’ll set up a time to come meet one-on-one and we can talk through everything. It doesn’t have to be a scary or intimidating experience. Know that when I first started CrossFit, I had always worked out but never really in a group setting. Walking in was the hardest choice I made, but ultimately the best one. Sometimes the things we fear the most are the things that push us towards the most growth. I’ll always be a support and Coach to those who want to make their fitness goals become a reality! So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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insider threat program

Insider Threat A Beginners Guide

What your company spent years to develop can be lost in an instant at the hands of one bad intentioned employee. The statistics on employee theft of intellectual property (IP) paint a dark portrait of what employees do when disgruntled, moving on, or stockpiling for a rainy day. William Evanina, the U.S. government’s National Counterintelligence Executive in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence says, “As a corporate leader, the single most important investment in protecting your proprietary information and sensitive trade secrets is developing a viable and enterprise-wide insider threat program”.

To paraphrase the well-worn mantra on hacking and apply it to the pandemic of Insider Threat: There are two types of companies, those whose employees have already stolen IP, and those who simply don’t know it yet.  No matter where your company is along its journey toward an effective insider threat program, success or failure is measured by the last harmful egress of research, formulas, algorithms,  strategies, service manuals, or other critical business information (CBI). Whether your effort to detect, deter, and prevent CBI loss has become an industry model or is still a nascent vision, three common components can help build a new plan or help review and adapt a mature program.

Security professionals exploring insider threat fundamentals can take a lesson from first year journalism students. Budding reporters are trained to instinctively repeat basic questions designed to get to the truth, and three of those questions drive formation of all Insider Threat programs: “What?”; “Where?”; and, “Who?” Security leaders should make it their practice to ask these three questions of their staff, key partners, and operational components of their companies. What is it that most merits protection? Where is this most critical information located, physically and in cyber space? Who amongst us requires regular access to CBI?

insider threat program

As the past head of counterintelligence for the FBI, a former corporate security executive for one of the world’s largest companies, and now a risk management consultant, it no longer surprises me to hear new security professionals struggle to answer these basic questions. Security practitioners sometimes perpetuate the long-standing C-suite myth that “security’s got this” when it comes to everything from a missing gym bag to a missing gyroscope. The perception that someone, somewhere, must have already addressed, planned for, or is in the process of resolving the concern of the moment, provides comfort to our senior executives and job assurance for those of us in the profession. But the comfort is dangerous and the assurance is hollow. Rather, we should work to dispel the notion that security can or should protect everything. To do that, the savvy security executive endeavors to first identify and then deeply understand exactly what represents the future of the company, where it resides, and which employees have stewardship of this lifeblood. Done correctly, in partnership with key stakeholders including Human Resources (HR), Legal, IT Risk, and Engineering, Science or Business leaders, this approach provides laser-like focus on what really matters, shares ownership across components, and generates  confidence in a process designed to protect against existential threats to jobs and share price.

Build Your Team

Successful implementation of insider threat programs hinge on assembling the right team. IP protection is a team sport and should not be carried out by one component alone. The team requires willful senior level participants who are convinced the time is right to defend the company against the threat from within. Leadership is often motivated to take this step by a crisis sparked by the loss or near loss of a trade secret at the hands of a departing or on-board employee or contractor. But waiting for such a crisis is not advisable. Gather data on losses suffered within your industry, supply chain, or customers. Talk to FBI corporate outreach contacts and ask for examples of economic espionage targeting your technologies. Talk to HR about where employees go when they depart and ask those employee’s former managers whether cumulative losses pose a concern.

Meet one-on-one with a senior thought leader in Legal, IT Risk, HR, Business Development, or Research and ask them to partner with you to assemble a team and form an Insider Threat program. Next, meet unilaterally with each proposed team member to brief them on the threat and risk to proprietary data and seek their support to more strongly defend the company. In some non-defense corporate cultures, using the phrase “Insider Threat” can still generate privacy, trust, and culture concerns. In one large company, a security leader’s proposal to discuss such a program was met with this question from the head of HR, “Do you not think we should trust our employees?” The security leader responded, “I do, and I think we should have mechanisms in place to defend our trust.” Meeting first with each partner will allow you to listen to their concerns. Limit the team to five or six decision makers from key functions. When the team is assembled start asking the first of the Journalism 101 questions.


Whether a newly appointed security leader or seasoned veteran, the question at the heart of IP protection is, “What exactly are we protecting?” Responses provided by security and business leaders to this single question help measure the need for an Insider Threat initiative or the maturity of an existing program. Common responses from the security ranks include; “I’m protecting these buildings”, “I’m protecting this campus”, “I’m protecting people”.  Even security professionals in large, sophisticated corporations frequently do not cite, “ideas”, “research”, “technologies”, or “critical employees”, when asked what they protect. Follow up questions on which campuses, buildings, or people are more critical than others are sometimes met with silence or criticism that the question implies some employees are more important than others. One long-tenured security leader responded by displaying his daily automated reports advising him which doors, hallways and offices were entered, but, he could neither articulate which company functions occurred there nor how his data was relevant.

Importantly, your team should pose the “What” question to key business leaders including the CEO, General Counsel, CFO, Supply Chain leader, Research or Engineering executives, Business Development or Sales heads, and corporate audit manager. Provide context by framing the question as an attempt to identify the small subset of proprietary information that would most damage the company if it fell into the wrong hands. Various formulas and thresholds can be customized to help guide this discussion and quantify the degree of damage to finances, share price and reputational risk.


Security professionals can only truly protect that which they know is there. Once CBI is identified, the team must learn where it resides, in both physical and cyber space. In large companies with thousands of employees and facilities, this question is more easily asked than answered. Yet, the answer is vital to learning how your CBI is exposed. One large company locating its CBI discovered a proprietary formula sitting in an open folder accessible by its entire employee population. Audit of the folder revealed that employees in high risk nations had visited the folder without any valid reason.

When countering the insider threat, the physical and the cyber security of CBI must be viewed as one holistic endeavor. The behavior of data and the behavior of humans are inextricably linked and the partnership between IT Risk and Physical Security should be seamless. Once aware that specific buildings, offices, or laboratories contain CBI, protocols and checklists for enhanced safeguarding can be drafted. This initiative counters more than just the internal threat. Upon learning the location of a sensitive manufacturing process one company found the process was part of a public tour route.


The seemingly simple “Who” question can generate more consternation than the previous two questions combined, particularly from your partners in HR and Labor & Employment Law.  While answering the first two questions is often labor intensive, this last query raises issues of policy, organizational culture, and law. Companies may learn that some CBI is assigned to contractors, and the team must wrestle with the issue of whether people with less allegiance, and more transient tenure, should be entrusted with the firm’s future. Yet, identifying employees who require access to CBI is easy compared to planning how to relate to them. This discussion should include: standards for employees to receive and maintain CBI access; policies on travel and device security; enhanced computer monitoring; and, governance protocols for investigative response to suspicious conduct. Importantly, the approach to such vital and often singularly knowledgeable employees should be an inclusive one that views them as special stewards with more responsibility than the average employee.

If approached carelessly, insider threat plans can breed mistrust, alienate key employees, erode company culture, and even violate labor or privacy laws. But, a quality program can be a leader’s most important legacy, reaping tangible dividends in loss prevented, jobs saved, and relationships forged.

Originally posted in the Security Magazine

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eCommerce Web Design Toronto and eCommerce Web Development

There are a number of affordable development design solutions for budding entrepreneurs and new merchants. Should you be in the process of realising your eCommerce Web Design Toronto, or at the early stages of setting up a business plan, The Development Shop offers a number of popular eCommerce Web Design Toronto, whether you fancy the popular Magento development, osCommerce based CRE Loaded or something else completely different. It is essential to determine what kind of design/layout you want since the early stages of your site, and the variety of options offered here cater for almost any business purpose.

It can be overwhelming for new businesses to come up with an adequate design for their website, which is really an unnecessary worry since the existence of eCommerce Web Design Toronto. Website Developments exist to reduce the cost of hiring a designer and to make life easier when you need to access the site’s database and other managing aspects. Developments also easily allow the integration of complex site functions, like shopping carts, live chat and much more. But how do you choose the right development?

Firstly consider the type of business you want to set-up, and think about what you will need in terms of functionality. For instance you might want to thread carefully, and set-up a simple 2-3 page website aimed at selling T-shirts, Mugs and similar products to supplement an existing business which you have. In this case a simple development will suffice, and spending more than required on a Magento or CRE Loaded development isn’t necessary.

In terms of looks and layout, consider your target audience, and how the site’s design might attract (or detract) more buyers and more traffic. As another example, we’ll pick a website aimed at selling flowers: a colorful layout instantly comes to mind, though not too loud as to drive customers away. Balancing design-needs and ease of navigation can be difficult at first, so a simple site might be preferable when starting out, instead of a feature-rich one. Simple sites also load much quicker, making sure that your buyers don’t grow bored and leave.

ecommerce web design toronto

Moreover you may want to consider customer support for your site and the right choice for a shopping cart. Customer support can even be helpful in creating a relationship with your customers, who will likely return if they feel your business responds promptly to their woes. Choosing a shopping cart may seem easy, but it entirely depends on the nature of your business. Consider things like coupons, affiliate programs or newsletter functions, all of which can be integrated into a shopping cart. If your plan is to get commissions through an affiliate program, then your cart will need to cater for that. If you instead wish to update your buyers and take a more hands-on approach, then there are carts with an integrated newsletter function. Popular carts include TomatoCart and Prestashop which can be integrated into the development of your choice.

Another aspect which comes to mind when choosing a development is how much customization you will require as your business expands. Buying a development will still save you precious time and money, though should you need your layout/design customized constantly it is better to choose a Prestashop based development. If you wish for a more intuitive solution, Tomatocart offers an easy interface which allows customization even by beginners.

If you are unsure on which development is right for your business, keep reading to ultimately make an informed decision. We will guide you through what kind of venture each development is suited for, including the specific types of developments available suited to a number of different eCommerce Web Design Toronto.

Magento Developments

Magento is widely used by many top brand-name businesses, including Samsung, Harvey Nichols and many others. Users can choose from the Community or Enterprise edition, flavours which depend on whether you plan on growing your business or not. mainly offers two Magento developments, which cater for businesses of an adult nature.

Prestashop Developments

This open source eCommerce solutions offers more flexibility compared to Magento, and you can always hire an experienced coder to modify the developments or fine-tune them exactly as you wish. The site offers a number of Prestashop developments at affordable rates for small or starting businesses; these include developments suited to clothing, lingerie, PC/Mac hardware, jewellery shops and many more types.

Tomatocart Developments

Tomatocart might be lesser known than either Magento or Prestashop but it offers an intuitive front-end, and integrated Google Adsense and SNS. This solution is easy to use for beginners, as it looks and feels similar to a Windows OS rather than more traditional eCommerce solutions. There are many Tomatocart developments on the, including contemporary fashion, music store and a colorful Hi-tech theme.

CRE Loaded Commerce Developments

This solution is much like OsCommerce but with a number of additions, such as coupon codes, admin access levels and Easy populate to easily import a database. CRE comes with the standard OsCommerce development system, allowing you to be selective on what information is displayed. CRE Loaded developments present on the site include computer-related designs, Hi Tech developments, adult designs and many more.

Aside from the above, you can also state specific requirements should you need a design which isn’t available. You might find you need extra features like live chat, a customer service forum or multi language support all of which can be provided by at affordable prices.

Mobile App development

Mobile Apps Developers Toronto

Mobile Apps Developers provides professional mobile and web development teams on hire which includes capable mobile and web software developers. We are a dynamic mobile and web application development company catering to the mobile and web development requirements of customers worldwide. Outsourcing mobile and web development is the best way for companies to get their work done in an affordable yet reliable way. Our developers are highly capable and dynamic in General especially focussed on general mobile application development and General software application development. Use of General has been rising significantly for all kinds of mobile and software products. Our General mobile apps developers have extensive industry experience and are trained in all aspects of General application development.


Within the General technology domain, we provide services to a vast range of industries such as FMCG, Corporate, Telecommunication, Enterprise, Retail, Travel, Call Center, Casino/ Gambling etc. Leveraging a combination a number of General development methodologies such as Waterfall, Iterative, Agile and communication systems such as IM, voice chat, an email we can offer our services to clients globally, reliably without any hassles. Following a process driven approach our General developers are well versed with all international development standards and General development processes and leverage the most advanced project management tools like Microsoft Project, MantisBT, Rachota, BugTracker.NET, and distributed source control and versioning tools like Git, SourceSafe. Our vast exposure to cutting-edge General mobile development projects has given us a solid background in custom third-party API integrations such as POS/ Till Machine API, SmartCard API, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Youtube API, ccAvenue Payment Gateway, Barcode Systems API, Protx Payment Gateway and numerous others.

We have specialist mobile and web development teams consisting of General architects and committed General developers on third-party and open-source General software and mobile code SDK\’s, libraries, frameworks and components like. We also offer special solutions to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various third-party and opensource application packages like and others.

Offshore mobile and web developers at mobile apps developers are an incredible resource for getting a job done without the hassle of the management overheads of normal personnel. We offer specialized mobile and web software developers and dedicated General mobile developers for all your software and mobile development project requirements. Irrespective of whether you are looking at developing custom General applications or other software based applications, we have the developer for your needs.

We develop and implement a number of General apps and cross-platform mobile apps and solutions in such as Mobile Fleet Tracking, Mobile Shopping, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Games, Mobile eCommerce, Mobile Conferencing, Mobile Groupware, Enterprise Mobile CRM, Business Reporting, Mobile SMS Apps.

We specialize in all kinds of general mobile and web games developed with advanced 3D graphics and General enterprise apps with a service-oriented architecture following modern application design. We provide end-to-end consultancy and integration services to companies over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces, and mobile devices to support on-demand access to business-critical data.

richmond fitness


We, as fitness professionals, get this question a lot as clients are often discouraged from their lack of results regardless how much hard work they put in. Changing how we look and/or feel is a tough process to integrate into our lives. We are constantly bogged down with work, family and daily hassles. Below are some pointers for a jump start into the best shape of your life.

1) Mindset change.

Change “can I ever get back into shape” into “I will get back into shape”. That shift in mindset is already part of the success. You have deleted the “program” of a question and have overwritten it with a statement. The former puts you on the fence. You are not sure if you are able to get back into shape – you may or you may not. The latter tells you that you will get back into shape – there are no “what ifs”. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness can change this mindset for you.

richmond fitness

2) Fitness is not a seasonal hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

Understand that getting back in shape is different from cutting weight for sports performance. It’s a slow process that contains many ups and downs. Learn to integrate healthy habits into your life to steer you into the right directions. You may not see results right away but as you pack on more healthy habits, results will come. A personal trainer can give you some tips on lifestyle.

3) Put in the work.

Some times you just need to put your head down and hammer out the work. Perhaps you need to train more often and/or more intensely. Maybe you need to have a stricter diet. You may not like it, but if you want to achieve the results you need to make the change. Everyone is different in terms of the work needed to be done. Some might get back into shape quickly with little effort; for some it may be harder. Understand that it is hard work in process. A good personal trainer will guide you towards the right direction.

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Whey Water

Building Muscles

Most individuals who are enrolled in a mass teaching course are curious to try if Whey Water Protein will get an effect to their muscles. Even if there are many products accessible, you must see to it that it actually works and that it does not get side-effects.

Protein ingredients improve the muscles that you get. Protein helps build muscles. It is best for you to take such products as you attend the workouts. You will get a fitter body if you take protein while working out.

Through balanced diet and regular protein intake, better results will be achievable. If you desire to develop more muscles, you’ll need to take more protein than your standard intake.

Whey Water

Based on scientific study, to improve huge muscles, you will need to take the required amount of protein. So if you weighed 180 pounds, you would get to take in 180-360 grams of protein every day. This would equal a huge amount of lean meat, fish or eggs and you may not be able to eat such a huge amount of protein each and every day. Taking more than your usual intake is not that good. You might end up very weak.

That is why you need Whey Water Protein. Whey is one of the protein components found in milk. It is an extremely easy protein to digest and your muscles are able to use it easily to repair them and grow even bigger. It will easily be absorbed by your body and would positively develop your muscles. The biological worth level (BV) measures how readily various proteins are absorbed by the human body. Eggs rate 100 on the BV scale, beef is 75 and whey comes in at 104. You will discover that it is not adequate.

You are now conscious that complement is the best source of protein. If you are committed to develop more muscles, it is required to take mass gain protein as part of your diet.

The isolates type of Whey Water Protein is more useful but is more costly that the usual Whey Water Protein. That type of Whey Water Protein can easily be ingested by the body against the regular Whey Water Protein product.

Lower cost makes it preferable than the useful one that is costly.

You are now conscious that taking Whey Water Protein to develop muscles actually works. The cost of the complement is what most individuals put into consideration, they also need to check the protein and sugar content. Add in whey in your diet course.

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Ion-X Protein Waters Review

The Ion-X Protein Water Liquid Protein Drinks, 30 grams of Protein in a 650ml drink.

Ion-X Protein Water is the hottest Bariatric Protein Supplement formulated specifically for Lap Band and Gastric Bypass Patients. The Ion-X Protein Water is the result of over 2 years of research and development and is recommended by the #1 Doctors, Surgeons and Nutritionists in the country.

The Ion-X Protein Water contains 30 grams of Pure Protein in a single 650ml! No Carbs & No Fat.

Ion-X Protein Water is the most advanced high protein drink every produced for the Lap Band and Bariatric Lifestyle. Ion-X Protein Water is rated #1 in taste for best tasting protein by those polled that tried other water based protein drinks Supplements.

Ion-X Protein Water is Zero Fat Zero Carb high protein drinks recommended by doctors for the Lap Band, Bariatric, and Gastric Bypass procedures. Ion-X Protein Water Promotes healing, helps achieve and maintain target weight, and promotes Muscle Growth.

water based protein drinks
water based protein drinks

The Ion-X Protein Water, which contains WHEY Protein, is recommended by doctors as both a Pre Op and Post op Bariatric Protein Supplement. Ion-X Protein Waters contain Vitamin B12 to aid in energy levels and Protein Absorption. Depending on the patient, a doctor or surgeon may recommend that Ion-X Protein Waters be taken once or twice a day. 1 Ion-X Protein Water = 30 grams of Protein.

Ion-X Protein Water is heat stable and can be taken anywhere. On the Go, at Work, at the Gym or at Home, Ion-X Protein Water is the perfect Gastric Bypass Protein drink, Lap Band Protein drink, RNY Protein drink, and Gastrectomy Protein Supplement for Gastrectomy patients

The Ion-X Protein Water can also be used by anyone looking for quick weight loss and solid muscle growth. With Zero fat and Zero Carbohydrates, Ion-X Protein Waters are the Perfect Protein Supplement for anyone on a high protein low carb diet.

Ion-X Protein Water is also ideal for anyone with Vitamin B12 deficiency as it serves as a Bariatric Vitamin B12 Supplement with over 2300% Daily Value of Vitamin B12.

The Vitamin B12 in The Ion-X Protein Water serves to reduce stress, enhance skin, and increase energy, as well as having many other beneficial health factors. Bariatric Ion-X Protein Waters with Vitamin B12…what a great combination!

Ion-X Protein Water is manufactured from the purest ingredients and is NATURAL with absolutely NO Artificial Flavours and NO Artificial colours. Ion-X Protein Waters are available in Lemon Coconut, Melon Cucumber and Orange Guava flavours and can be purchased at

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