Hiring Catering Services

There are many popular and award-winning catering companies in Calgary. The catering companies cater to Calgary and around the vicinity. Some information is shared of a few hiring catering services below:

Devour Catering Services

This catering company is very famous for its décor, cuisine and best in class service! They cater to weddings, events & any other community private function. They work within budgets and along with the alliance partners, the best of events are created! The ingredients are fresh and the menu is attractive.

The company has existed for more than 35 years. The quality standards are high. They have been awarded for “Best Event produced by a Venue in Alberta” and also “Best Catered Event in Alberta”! They have managed countless weddings, luncheons, receptions, corporate parties, and many other events! They have onboard a ‘Red Seal’ certified chef with more than 25 years of experience.

Gather Catering Services :

It is one of the best Companies in Calgary, Canada which caters to Guests with great passion and commitment. 

The owners have worked hard to establish this catering company. The boutique catering company has built a strong reputation with innovative ideas, a professional team of Chefs, cooks, and serving staff!

The couple has a mission to manage the event successfully and make the guests wine & dine effortlessly!

Blue Flame Kitchen:

This Calgary Catering Company is very popular. They cater to all events, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, office meetings, and any other corporate event, hiring catering services. The dining experience of the guests is made memorable and people cherish fond memories for ages!

The wide range of menus offers great for one’s taste buds. The best of the Red Seal Chefs create mouth-watering dishes withier culinary expertise! The themed parties are well known in and around Calgary! They offer limitless options on any given day!

Fork + Farm Catering Company:

This catering company in Calgary is innovative, visionary, and has high-end Chefs and staff! The food is beautifully designed, perfectly executed, and handcrafted.

The team gets its inspiration from the best local and seasonal ingredients and creates customized menus. The service is excellent and all strive hard to surpass the client’s expectations!

The catering events are all about a corporate event, elegant weddings, in-house private home celebrations, stampede parties, etc. Form + Farm has been established as one of the go-to catering companies in and around Calgary!

Some of the services are listed below.

Corporate Catering:

The highest standard of catering is offered for corporates. Guests enjoy tastefully crafted menus with aplomb!

Wedding Catering:

The event is managed beautifully. The award-winning chefs create menus and offer dishes that linger on one’s taste buds.

Stampede Catering:

Catering Company In Calgary - Gather Catering

The menu offered is priceless! Pancake breakfasts, office parties, community barbeques, etc. Any stamped party is celebrated with the diverse landscape in and around Calgary. The food is cooked to perfection and the staff professionally serves them.

Christmas/ Holiday Catering:

If one is celebrating his business growth in the year of success along with one’s team and sharing chrism cheers. The holiday catering brings cheers to the minds of the guests!

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