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Sure VistaPrint gives you free business cards and a few free products. But what most people don’t know is that when you get free business cards, the back of the card will have VistaPrint’s advertising. That completely defeats the purpose of an effective business card. It completely kills your credibility with your clients and you look unprofessional or cheap. Not to mention, the quality that VistaPrint offers is quite low and very inconsistent. If your business, brand and success are not that important to you, then I guess it is ok to use such cards. Otherwise, you need to stay away from that. Business cards are the single most important marketing tool that you can use for your business or as a professional. It tells people who you are, what you do and how to contact you. A great business card will bring you credibility and will reflect the quality of your products and services. Why do you think VistaPrint gives you free business cards with their advertising on the back? Because it works for them! In no way are business cards FREE to print for VistaPrint. It is a marketing cost and a huge one.

The second and third most important marketing tools are Flyers and Brochures in that order. Same as business cards, this two items should not be taken lightly and should be developed correctly. They will bring you much business, new clients and make you look good.

print calgary

We are a company that will treat you personally with quick responses by email and phone. VistaPrint cannot be reached by phone. It is all managed by a system of “support tickets” online. With us, you send us an email; you get an answer within the hour. You call us, you reach a person. If not, we return your call within 24hrs. Guaranteed. Our main goal is to provide you guidance as to the most effective printed products to use for your particular business while saving you the most money. Our quality is superb, excellent customer service and quick turnaround times.

If you are looking for a print calgary, have the best prices on the market, and unmatched quality, you have come to the right place. We print everything from business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, catalog, magazines, banners, and much more.

With several production plants in strategic points of the country, no matter what state you are in, we will send you your impression of 3 to 5 working days. In urgent cases, we can also get your work done in less time.

Our customer service and very special since you can send us an email, and is answered as soon as possible. You can simply send us your file via email, and we will send you a quote. If you are not sure how to create or design your file, we will also provide you with help so that you send it to us correctly. In case you do not have files, we also have graphic design service at the lowest rates in the market. Simply send us the description of your project, and we will return an estimate.

Having a file in hand, you can also order through our website at For more information visit our website.

One way we help our community is by giving all the prices in half to noble causes such as non-profits and charitable organizations. If you are one of these organizations, contact us to offer you a free membership where you will get everything at half price. That is to say, we will not have any profit, we will only be charging you what it costs to produce.

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