The Samsung GEAR VR


The SAMSUNG GEAR VR – Details Page!

So I’ve found some spec’s and I’m GEAR’ed up to tell you!

As you know the GEAR is Powered By Oculus and the Galaxy Note 4 the “innovator edition” gives you content and enthusiast creators/players and general VR things to do in downtown toronto enthusiasts to get in the virtual world. All powered by a smartphone. Impressive.

Early adopters can enjoy a whole range of new content experiences as well as building their own.

things to do in downtown toronto
things to do in downtown toronto

Spec List

Weight: 379grams

Compatibility: Galaxy Note 4

In The Box: Gear VR headset, carrying case, replacement face foam, lens cloth, 16GB microSD card loaded with starter content, SD card adapter, user manual, warranty statement

96 degree field of view. Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Proximity Sensor. Controls: Touch pad, dedicated back button, focus adjustment wheel, volume keys, phone eject button

Lovely. However only comes in one color.

The UI in the GEAR looks simply AMAZING with a Windows 8 cross PlayStation Network look. Its sleek design allows users to access content with an awesome comb of head movement and touch controls. Available to you is downloadable FRESH content from Oculus, new app’s as well as new experiences from the GEAR innovators edition users.

At a Glance:

-Compatibility: Galaxy Note 4

-Package Contents: Gear VR Innovator’s Edition headset, carrying case, replacement face cushioning, lens cloth, 16GB microSD card loaded with starter content, SD card adapter, user manual, warranty statement

-Controls: Touch pad, dedicated back button, focus adjustment wheel, volume keys, phone lock button

-Download new applications from the Oculus store. Oculus store downloaded at device setup while following on-screen prompts. For more questions on device setup, please reference the inbox user manual.

A few app’s you should know about that are available: Milk VR, Oculus 360 Videos and Oculus Cinema.

Will be honest if your a social junkie MilkVR sounds perfect. 360-degree video 5 days a week with music, sports , action and stories what more can you ask for? It also tracks what’s trending across the VR world to find the best content!

360 Video is an app which will take you to both and virtual environments… So far a helicopter tour and a superhero’s lair, futuristic sports arena and of course a trip back in time currently available and more awesome stuff coming. You should definitely check this out.

Oculus Cinema is basically your own personal cinema. Watch trailers, clips and your own movies in a completely new way. Immerse yourself in the multiple theater environments including; home, multiscreen and even surface of the moon. Seriously if your still reading… Why? WHY AREN’T YOU BUYING THIS??!!

Games.. This unit takes games to a new level. Fully immersive gaming that uses head motion and you WILL feel like your driving that spaceship… This is top-quality gaming. Do not miss out.

To finish is the price… Now this is the kicker, if you’ve read all the above and wasn’t quite sure because you thought Samsung was going to hammer you for price… THINK AGAIN… $200… I repeat $200… $199.99 to be precise but hey who’s arguing! Don’t wait go now get your card use your feet fingers car or chair and buy this and enjoy the FULL benefits of Virtual Reality Experience.

Ok together with a Samsung Note it will be much more expensive, but first, you have an awesome mobile phone and an awesome VR Device. On the other hand, I don’t think that the Oculus or the VIVE will be much cheaper than 600$.

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How exciting is a virtual reality experience?

With the advancement in technology, there have been many transformations in the gaming industry. Since the last few years, gaming has reached to a new level. With virtual reality, an artificial environment can be creating into almost anything. With the help of a combination of hardware and software, the user can experience virtual reality near the reality surroundings. The person who interacts with it becomes a part of the artificial environment and can operate or perform operations. VR experience is a hot trend these days.

VR experience
VR experience

There are many VR arcades near you where you can pay some money and rent a VR headset to play a bundle of games. This helps a person enter the computer-generated world with a small amount of fee. The best part of virtual reality experience is that you get the exposure to sounds, sights, and feelings too. It would be an amazing experience for lifetime.

Some of the best types of VR experience:

  • Flying

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well, VR experience can make this dream come true. With a VR headset, you can fly. Once you put your VR glasses on, you would come across the excitement of flying.

  • Swimming

A VR experience of swimming under the oceans would excite you. How beautiful it would be to see yourself swimming in an ocean witnessing dozens of fish, sharks, and whales? You would definitely feel like you’re underwater along with the sea creatures.

  • Roller Coaster

Even when you are at your home sitting on a couch, you can experience a roller coaster ride. Put your VR headsets on and start feeling the gravity when the roller coaster turns and twists. This virtual reality experience can be a great idea if you are afraid of experiencing a real roller coaster ride.

VR experience
VR experience
  • Skydiving

Skydiving is an adventure sport that is a dream for many people as it is expensive. You can get a headset and experience skydiving. You can fly to high altitudes without digging a hole in your pocket.

  • Fight Zombies

If you are a person who is fascinated about zombies, you can experience a game where you can shoot the zombies in an VR experience. You would love to see them dead in front of you.

If you are bored of video games, you can have a real-time experience with Virtual Reality games. They are surely a cheaper substitute for real-life experiences. It is really fun to be in an exciting environment for some time and the person feels refreshed after it. Even if you want your kids to experience a scuba diving or a paragliding, you can make them do so with the help of a virtual reality experience. If you have kids below the age of 13 years, you must supervise them while they experience virtual reality. No matter what age you may be, you would surely enjoy experience a VR games.

A person would love to enter into a world of virtual reality to experience new things. A VR game can be a refreshing treat for anyone after a long, tiring day at work.

LevelUp Reality can offer an exciting experience to you with the help of Virtual reality. You can book a session or invite your friends for a lifetime VR experience.

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