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Min-ju and Gage of Crux Fitness are back at it again, this time doing a FULL ON fat burning and muscle building workout using just a Trap bar.

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Fitness is about behaviour modification, it is about adapting and falling in love with a lifestyle.

Once you do that, then the fat loss, the weight loss, the muscle gain, all of that will come as a result of your change in behaviour.

One of the best ways to keep fitness fun is to try new things. And that is what we have set out to do! We are testing out some exercises that we have not done before, combining it with some old exercises that we know are effective, and creating a workout routine based on using just one trap bar.

If you are not familiar with the trap bar, it is an excellent tool that also has huge versatility. You should grab one if you don’t have one already!

Personal Trainer Richmond BC

So let’s see what we got going on in this muscle building, fat burning workout!

Exercise 1: Trap bar deadlift. And excellent alternative to conventional deadlift, significantly lowers the risk of injury especially in beginners and or athletes with mobility issues.

Exercise 2: Trap bar bentover row. An excellent way to work on the pulling muscles, build a thicker back, and bigger arms. The width of the trap bar puts your shoulder girdles in a strong position to activate all muscles maximally.

Exercise 3: Trap bar chest press. This variation of the chest press uses the high handle bar of the trap bar to create slight instability and create more activation of the stabilizer muscles as well as getting the wrist to be stronger.

Exercise 4: Trap bar shoulder press. This is a great way to build max shoulder strength while significantly lowers the risk of shoulder injury.

Exercise 5: Trap bar farmer’s walk/carry. This is by far one of the most effective total body exercises with heavy emphasis on core strength, shoulder strength, as well as burning fat. The key is to carry a heavy enough load to make it as challenging as possible.

Go ahead and try these exercises and add them into your own training routine!

Min-ju, Gage and Yeuk put these exercises to the test and had a great, sweat filled training session.

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