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First Read Part-1

Let’s look at an example and how it stacks up against the five criteria: let’s look at the niche “brides-to-be who want to look their best on their wedding day”.

  1. A big enough group. On average in Australia every year there are about 6 marriages for every 1,000 people. So if you live in a city with a population of 1 million, then there will be about 6,000 potential new clients. Given that you’re probably looking for only 50-100 clients a year, this is plenty.
  2. People hungry for your service. There are not too many brides-to-be out there thinking “nah, don’t think I’ll bother doing anything special for my wedding day. I’ll just rock up as I am really.” Whether it’s losing weight, or just toning up, you can guarantee most brides-to-be have at least thought about a physical tune-up prior to the Big Day.
  3. You already have a track record. Have you trained brides-to-be before? Are you able to get them to sing your praises in a testimonial? One thing that’s great about this niche is that it’s really easy to get great testimonials to use in your marketing for gyms. “Before and after” pictures are a very powerful persuader. So you can imagine the contrast between the picture of the overweight bride-to-be, and the gorgeous, glowing bride on her wedding day. Envy and desire are hugely powerful motivators!
  4. It’s easy to find people in your chosen niche. Are brides-to-be easy to find? They buy bridal magazines, buy wedding gowns, choose wedding cakes, book reception venues, set up gift registries, choose wedding flowers, go to bridal expos—the list is endless. All of these places are easy and effective to advertise in. All of them target the people in your chosen niche.
  5. People willing and able to pay for your services. In 2009 (the latest stats available) the average Australian wedding cost $49,202. The numbers are very similar for the US. Brides-to-be expect to outlay large sums of money for everything on “the best day of their lives”. I’ll bet most would be willing to pay more than average for the right personal trainer to have them looking their very best on their wedding day.

So all-in-all this looks like a great niche. With a bit of fine-tuning you could probably get the bridesmaids as well!

marketing for gyms
marketing for gyms

Now it’s your turn. Sit down with a piece of paper and start to jot down some possible niches. Just let your mind wander and write down any niche that pops into your head. Don’t discount anything at this stage. By doing this without censoring yourself, you’ll find that you unlock the parts of your mind that are the most creative. Continue for at least 15 minutes.

Once you’re done, go back through the list. It can help to put them in a table and rank each one against the five criteria, say with a rating out of 10. Then choose the one that ranks highest against all five criteria, and see how it sits with you. Could you see yourself focusing on people in this niche? Do you feel like you have a lot to contribute in this niche? Is it something you’d enjoy? If it is great! If not, go to the next highest and repeat the process until you find something you’re happy with.

Once you’ve found what you think is a great niche, you may want get feedback from us at Create PT Wealth, so simply email  and we would be happy to discuss your choice with you. Sometimes it helps to have a sounding board—someone to cast an objective eye over what you’re doing, to reassure you that you’re on the right track.

Now that you’ve found your niche, we need to look at how to make the transition from what you’re currently doing, to becoming the specialist in your niche. But be careful. You’re not going to go out and sack all your existing clients. It’s important to make this transition stepwise—you still need to pay the bills while you’re doing it!

The steps in making the transition are:

  1. Define your chosen niche in more detail—what are their needs, wants, fears and frustrations?
  2. Find where people in your chosen niche hang out. Who has your clients before you?
  3. Check out the competition. Is anyone already targeting your niche? What are they doing? How can you differentiate yourself from them?
  4. Decide where and how you will market, and prepare your marketing for gyms strategy and your marketing materials.
  5. Refine your service, so that you exactly meet the needs of the clients in your new niche.
  6. Decide on your pricing structure.
  7. Do the marketing and measure the results.

Sales Systems

How to conduct a new client sales meeting right down to the methods and processes that gets them signed up every time.

Understand and analyze the process for conducting a Sales Meeting with a new potential client; including the key questions that you need to ask every time and how to best understand the needs of each individual.  Plus see a method for setting up your rates and fee’s schedule to guarantee success.

The killer system for handling leads, right from the initial phone call, through to the Delivery of your packages and rates and hardly anyone else is doing it!

Every process you have in your business must be guided by a system and we show you some very polished systems on how to operate your sales process.  If you arrive at this session with only a few ideas, or even none, then you will be in for a great surprise as you will have several methods to place into your business that will help you provide a great and very professional service time and time again.

If there have ever been things that have held you back from achieving your full potential when conducting a new client sales meeting, then this session is a must for you!

The personal development elements of how you conduct your business are going to be some of the major areas that can either trip you up, or can guarantee you success.  During this session, we highlight some of the major challenges that most PT’s face during a new client sign up and how to avoid them.

Unlock the keys that allow you to have massive success as a Personal Trainer.

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