We’ve spent hours gathering information, pictures and seating charts from every major venue in the United States and Canada. We know how important these events can be for you and therefore have provided a quick and easy way to find the perfect seats at the next big game or concert!

It is important to do your research before you attend any event where you are purchasing seated tickets. You may be able to pay the same amount of money for a better view within the arena and doing a little research will help you figure that out. If you’re like us, then you probably have received a phone call from a family member or friend saying, “Hurry, get your tickets they are almost out! You need to be sitting near us and I can’t remember our seat section! I only know they’re on the third row, lower section of the west end directly behind the basketball hoop.” Okay…thanks…I guess. This is a perfect scenario why xlcentertickets.info is so extremely handy. Not only can you quickly find the correct seating chart, but you can also grab your tickets here too! Nothing like knocking out two birds with one stone!

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You will notice that each XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS page comes equipped with a brief history of each stadium. Why you may ask? Well, for one, it’s a great conversation starter. As a “die-hard” fan one should know as much about their team as possible. That includes knowing about the history of the stadium in which their team plays in. As most games (or concerts) go, you may not be familiar with everyone sitting around you. Knowing a brief history of the stadium will add perceived value to yourself especially when you answer questions about the stadium with those next to you.

Most games or concerts that you go to are usually 2 – 4 hours in length and tend to finish in the evening. It’s always nice and extremely convenient to have hotel reservations at a hotel near your stadium. With the help of Google Maps, we’ve included a tool on each XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS page to visually show you all the nearest hotels to your event stadium with reviews of each hotel!

It’s also fun to not only know the history of the stadium in which you’re attending, but to know some quick facts about the venue as well. On each XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS page we’ve provided a “Quick Facts” section to give you some arrows in your quiver in case it’s trivia time at the big game! It’s always nice to know the seating capacity as you look around and gauge for yourself how full or empty the stadium is. Knowing when the stadium opened can give you more appreciation for the architecture that was put in to the construction of the facility. You may find that some amenities are lacking and knowing when the stadium was built can solve the mystery as to why it doesn’t currently exist.

Going to special events especially when it’s your favorite team or artist performing can be great for the soul. It gives a person something to look forward to. When you are at the game, you feel apart of a connected group that shares at least one thing in common, and this makes you feel awesome and electrified. This same sort of feeling can come from a concert of an artist you love. Good memories and times of old come rushing back as you are blown away by your favorite artist in what seems like your own private concert being performed just for you!

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