Family Law

Law Office of Trip Collins, LLC is dedicated to providing families throughout Canada with the superior representation they need for their legal issues. Issue plaguing the family hit very close to heart. A divorce or instance of domestic violence quickly shifts the dynamics of a family, often leading to overwhelming stress, anxiety, and concern. The Law Office of Trip Collins understands the toll a divorce or issue can take on the entire family, and is committed to providing every client with the resources, attention, and dedication, he/she needs to successfully resolve his/her case.

When it comes to a divorce or legal issue affecting your family, you want to work with an attorney who will put your best interest first, and help you achieve your objectives at all costs. At the Law Office of Trip Collins, you can feel secure knowing that an experienced Canada divorce & family lawyer will make you a top priority, and aggressively fight for what you deserve. Attorney Trip Collins has over a decade of experience representing families throughout Canada, offering legal services for a variety of family law needs, including:

Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Property Rights
  • Restraining Orders
  • Domestic Violence

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Whether you are going through a divorce, need help collecting child support, or you want to fight for custody of your children, the Law Office of Trip Collins can address your needs, develop a strong case, and negotiate for a resolution that suites your specific needs.  It’s important in any divorce or family law case to work with an attorney who understands your unique goals, and who will do whatever he can to ensure that they are addressed and achieved in court. Attorney Trip Collins will provide you with honest advice and guidance, strict confidentiality, and unrelenting representation at each stage of your case. Trip Collins is devoted to championing for your cause and utilizing his knowledge and resources to successfully resolve your case.

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