Way back in the middle of the 1990s, a Colombian man named Alberto Perez decided it was time to come up with a new way to exercise that would excite and engage people. Thus, Zumba was born. It was the age of sweatpants and step aerobics, and it’s no surprise that many individuals found the monotony of these exercises difficult to endure. Perez wanted to unify a diverse cultural array of music with the concept of dance fitness. Today, Melbourne residents and others around the world sign up for Zumba classes all the time — not only is it fun, it’s a uniquely intense workout!

That intensity extends to other ways you can dance for fitness in Melbourne, too. For example, jive classes yield a cardio workout as demanding as anything you could design on a treadmill, but with ten times the fun and social satisfaction! At Dance Dynamics, our commitment to bringing these exciting exercise opportunities to our community extends almost two decades back in time. We’ve developed plenty of experience in the exercise arena, and we know what it takes to create the right kind of atmosphere for Zumba and jive fitness. Melbourne dance fanatics can choose from one of our four studios, each filled with your peers and experienced instructors.

zumba classes
zumba classes

Dance for Fitness in Melbourne in the Perfect Atmosphere

Zumba Dance Studio – Are you curious about Zumba, but haven’t tried it before? Beware — it’s one of the most addictive ways to dance for fitness out there! With fast beats, intense music, and a wildly energetic environment, you’ll find it’s almost more like an underground dance party than an exercise class. The whole time you’ll have the leadership of your instructor to watch, though, and they keep everyone working in sync. At the peak of a session, you’ll find it’s an amazing and exciting way to dance in a group.

Jive takes that same concept and condenses it down into an even more intense 30-minute class. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new as you explore the limits of Latin-inspired dance fitness. You’ll need to think fast on your feet when dancing jive for fitness. That makes it perfect for sharpening your mind, too.

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The global popularity of dance fitness speaks to both its benefits and the level of fun you can have. When you crave the intense cardio and group effort, you’ll find in our classes, dancing Zumba for fitness in our Melbourne studios is the ideal way to satisfy yourself. With a membership to Dance Dynamics, you can plan a robust and flexible schedule the way you want. You can even opt for a membership that grants you unlimited access to our classes — perfect for when you want to put in work on improving your performance in jive or Zumba.

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