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Protein Water For Kids

Protein water for kids are a nutritional supplement that should be considered carefully before use, but are extremely helpful for a number of children with certain conditions or malnutrition.

The years in which children are growing are a sensitive time with respect to nutrition, and it is very important to make sure that children get all the nutrients they need. While many children can grow and gain weight normally with minimal interference, some need a supplement in the form of protein powder and water to help keep their growth on track.

Protein and Growing Children

Children need to have adequate protein intake at all times. Lack of protein can cause a host of problems related to growth, weight gain or loss and metabolic problems, as well as potential muscle damage or atrophy in active children. These are just a few natural functions protein powder and water For Kids of protein that help to keep your child healthy:

  •      Active muscle growth in growing children
  •      Maintenance and repair of muscles in athletic children
  •      Weight maintenance and maintaining a good metabolic equilibrium
  •      Strengthening and building the immune system in all children
protein powder and water
protein powder and water

Does Your Child Need Protein Supplements?

Before adding nutrient protein powder and water for kids to your child’s diet, it is very important to consult a doctor or a dietician, preferably one with pediatric experience. They should have some familiarity with your child and their needs and medical history.

Once the child has been carefully evaluated in terms of growth rate, overall health and weight gain, your doctor may recommend starting a regimen of protein water.

Most of these protein powder and water for kids are aimed at children who have low body weight and need to gain weight to stay in the healthy range. However, there is a wide range of shakes available that are indicated for different uses.

There are shakes that are designed for healthy caloric intake, for treating general malnutrition and for addressing different specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There are also shakes that are aimed directly at providing large amounts of protein for children who are suffering from muscle damage or loss due to active sports and exercise and lack of proper replenishment after workouts or games.

Protein water For Kids who are at a healthy weight and not suffering from any nutritional deficiencies should not take protein water, since this will provide them with excess calories and cause weight gain leading to childhood obesity.

Additionally, protein water for kids do not work well for weight loss in children. The use of protein supplements for weight loss in children is actually more likely to encourage weight gain, hence their use for treating malnutrition and low weight. You should never give your child protein water or nutritional supplements without consulting a doctor first.

Children may not be immediately receptive to the idea of having protein water as a regular part of their diet. However, most protein water come in the form of a bland powder that can be mixed into any kind of shake or smoothie, leaving the taste and flavor free to be tailored to your child and their preferences.

Many children enjoy fruit smoothies, while others may prefer chocolate flavoring and peanut butter or honey. Certain children will benefit hugely from adding protein water for kids to their diet, and if your doctor indicates that this is the case, it is important to start as soon as possible.


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protein powder with water

Best Protein Powder

So if looking for a truly Protein powder these factors should be kept in mind. Unfortunately, for most Protein dieters, the majority of protein powders on the market cannot be used. Most protein powders are based on whey protein, a byproduct of milk processing. Since milk is one of the most banned substances on the Protein Diet, these protein powder with water should not be considered. The same holds true for soy protein, particularly as these carry the extra dangers of being high in very toxic phytoestrogens.

Thus, if one is looking for a usable protein powder for the Protein Diet, one should avoid most commercial brands. However, there are some manufacturers that have come up with solutions with Protein dieters in mind. These generally get there protein from a combination of several sources. These include whole egg protein, egg white protein, and beef protein isolate. These are ingredients that would be wholly approved under the Protein Diet if they had not been processed. Protein Pro has a Protein powder that fits this description.

Now these protein powders will work best for a Protein dieter, but are not optimum because they are still processed. As a result, they are still subject to certain contaminants in processing (theoretically, one may or may not think that is important) and doe not give one the whole food experience. However, there are some very good reasons that some people should consider using protein powder while on the Protein Diet.

The first class of people who could really benefit are professional athletes who are looking to gain massive amounts of muscle. While there are some differences in professional opinion as to the necessity of consuming protein powders for bulking up, a large part of the fitness industry believes consuming large amounts of protein in this matter helps. This is particularly due to the fact that one can get large amounts of it without consuming too much fat (as if you ate a lot of meat) or too much carbohydrates (as if you ate a lot of eggs).

Another important group of people who could benefit from protein powder are those people who have difficulty chewing their food due to some other form of disability. This can be particularly useful in the elderly, small children, or those recovering from surgery or some other form of physical trauma.

protein powder and water
protein powder and water

Protein Powders

When consuming protein powders, one does need to take certain precautions. People who substitute shakes for real meals can often fall into the danger of not getting enough fiber. This is one of the many reasons that Protein Diet enthusiasts are usually very adamant on the need to eat raw food: it helps smooth over glucose spikes in the blood and ensures that you get enough real fiber from whole foods. If taking protein shakes, then one should be extra careful to add extra whole foods to the diet, or at minimum take a daily fiber supplement like Metamucil (not strictly Protein, but if you are taking protein powder, you have already crossed that line).

Another thing one needs to be aware of is to select protein powders from quality manufacturers to reduce the risk of toxic chemicals in the powder as a byproduct of the processing. In fact, Consumer Reports found recently that many popular protein shakes were contaminated with chemicals such as arsenic and mercury. These are facts you need to keep in mind when selecting a protein powder.

Protein powder is not specifically Protein compatible but can be used to supplement your diet. By taking a few extra precautions, one can potentially add it to the diet without missing many of the many benefits of the Protein lifestyle.

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