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Reasons Why Baby Christmas Gift Is Getting More Popular

Finding that Special Baby Christmas Gift for the baby of a friend or family member may be a little difficult at first. The truth is that the market for baby gifts right now is more diverse and full than it has ever been. There are kids clothes UK and accessories for virtually every kind of baby and every kind of parent. From traditional, more conservative styles to punk rock styles, there are styles for every kind of family imaginable. If you’re going to do some baby holiday shopping, you’re going to have to do it smartly; otherwise you’re going to end up with an uninspired gift, a gift that’s too expensive, or a gift that doesn’t feel right for the person for whom you’re shopping. In this article, you’ll get a few tips about shopping for a baby Christmas gift.

kids clothes uk
kids clothes uk

A good place to start is to look for baby kids clothes UK. There are a lot of neat and interesting kids clothes UK out there on the market. You can find unique baby gifts that will match the style of the family you’re shopping for. Are they sports fans? Then you can find baby gifts with sports team logos. If they live an alternative kind of lifestyle, you can find rock baby clothes UK for their baby. It’s all about knowing the people you’re shopping for. If you’re unsure about their tastes, you can always ask others who know them. There might be an interesting side of their lives that you didn’t know about.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a gift for baby is what kind of thing does the family need the most. You might want to listen for hints being dropped in conversation. If the parents have been complaining about all of the kids clothes UK they have, then you will want to look in another direction. If they have more bedding than they know what to do with, then consider unique baby gifts that are more fun than they are necessary.

In the end, shopping for the perfect baby Christmas gift is all about knowing the family you’re shopping for. The key is to make the gift individualized, but also make it something they can use. This is one reason why kids clothes UK are such a great idea. And when you start searching online, you’ll find out how many options there are.

Hostile Surveillance Detection

The global kidnap industry is booming and no longer is the focus predominantly on Latin America. It is prevalent throughout the world and for a successful kidnap, hostiles will normally conduct some degree of pre-attack intelligence gathering. The early and covert identification of this intelligence gathering by security teams can significantly minimize the risk of kidnap.

To provide a professional security service it is imperative that security teams and the ‘at-risk’ individuals themselves learn how to identify the signs that may precede an attack. By identifying a threat early, and pro-actively working in unison to increase awareness, the risk of a successful kidnap is drastically reduced. The preemptive action and early identification of possible hostile intent allow a security team to remove the client from danger or deter and disrupt the potential attackers.

Scoping for Opportunity

Why would kidnappers put a person or group under protective surveillance prior to an attack? What would the hostile surveillance teams be trying to achieve? Business executives when planning strategy utilizes the SWOT analysis model. This same model can be engineered to help identify what hostile individuals or groups will be looking for.

SWOT Analysis

By identifying a target’s Strengths and Weaknesses, the hostiles will then be able to identify their own Opportunities and Threats. This intelligence-gathering model will help them answer the following questions:

  1. Can we kidnap our target?
  2. How can we kidnap our target?
  3. When could we kidnap our target?
  4. Should we kidnap this target?

Point four identifies that the hostiles may want to carry out the kidnap but realize that it is a hard target and therefore not worth the risk, OR as can be seen in the case study below, they may just adapt their attack and exploit the weaknesses they have identified.

In March 1978, Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was being driven to work in a two-car motorcade in Rome, accompanied by five bodyguards. His Motorcade was ambushed and eleven members of the Red Brigade terrorist group ambushed him. As the motorcade approached a stop sign a car pulled in front and stopped suddenly. Moro’s car was following too close and struck the car, then Moro’s follow vehicle, also traveling too close, rammed into Moro’s car pinning his vehicle with no chance of immediate escape.


Two men got out of the blocking vehicle and shot with pistols through the front side windows of Moro’s car killing his driver and bodyguard. Concurrently, a second attack element consisting of four men dressed in Air Italia uniforms that were stood on the pavement as if waiting for a bus pulled weapons from their flight bags and proceeded to fire at the remaining bodyguards. A third attack element of two terrorists jumped out from behind bushes (possibly within a car) and pulled Moro from the car and put him into a waiting vehicle. The terrorists then escaped with preplanned and strategically positioned vehicles.

The whole operation lasted no more than 30 seconds, involved eleven terrorists who fired between 80 and 90 rounds and killed five bodyguards. Yet the build-up and preparation were far more detailed and time-consuming.  Through prolonged covert surveillance and potentially a mix of human intelligence sources the terrorists had identified the strengths and weaknesses of Moro and his security team and utilized these to focus on the opportunities and threats.

The terrorists identified a pattern of life and common route that Moro and his team used. They had also noted that the drivers of both his motorcade drove too close to each other and tailgated other vehicles and the Red Brigade planned to exploit that. They also noted that many airline personnel lived in the area of attack so adopted the air uniforms for cover. The terrorists did several other things that would have been gained through intelligence gathering operations. They slashed the tires of the flower vendor whose normal place of work was near the attack site, telephone lines were overloaded during the attack and vehicles were positioned for a getaway.

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding his capture and detention, whatever the true story, fifty-five days after his abduction Aldo Moro was found shot to death in the trunk of a car in Central Rome. It is interesting to note that according to later terrorist declarations, in the months before the kidnapping they had instead envisaged the possibility of kidnapping another leader, Giulio Andreotti. This was abandoned once they deemed that Andreotti’s police protection was too strong.

Sourced from: Just2Seconds: Using Time And Space To Defeat Assassins. 2008, Gavin De Becker, Tom Taylor and Jeff Marquart.

This case study identifies how focused surveillance can be utilized to identify and exploit weaknesses and enable efficient and successful attack planning, even against a defended ‘hard’ target such as a Former Italian Prime Minister.

Intelligence Gathering

Just as the Red Brigade terrorist group did in the case study, hostiles will be trying to gather as much intelligence on the target’s pattern of life as possible, asking themselves the following questions and many more:

  • Is there security, are they aware, are they armed, are they any good?
  • How do they travel and by what means? Do they drive, what do they drive, is it armored?
  • Do they have good travel security in place?
  • What routes do they take to work, events, school? Do they vary routes?  Are they forced to take the same routes?
  • Do they have a family, is there family an easier target?
  • Are they creatures of habit? Is there a pattern forming? If so what is the pattern? What are the weaknesses?
  • Do they have employees, can we use them, can they provide us with information, can we corrupt them?

The hostiles, however, must have the capability to gather this information, it cannot just be plucked from the air. Where intelligence gathering and Protective Surveillance operations come into play, there are always limitations.

Capability and Limitations

The quality and type of hostile surveillance can vary greatly, it may be quick and basic observations by untrained and opportunistic gangs looking for the best time to strike, or it could be professional, criminal organizations carrying out effective and focused intelligence gathering prior to a kidnap or assault.

There are of course a number of potential limitations to a hostile surveillance team, these will affect the quality and capability of the surveillance. Examples of limitations are:

  • Training
  • Capability
  • Resources – Human and Technical
  • Finances
  • Environment

All the above factors will determine how capable a group is of carrying out effective and covert surveillance without detection, whilst still obtaining all the necessary information.

Many terrorist and criminal organizations may not have the technical and practical expertise to carry out a high level of surveillance that is required to defeat good anti and counter surveillance procedure. They may only have one or two people with limited skills and resources to observe their target compared to the ten or twenty that a government team has available.

Numbers do not necessarily mean results though, a team of three well-trained surveillance operatives with time and resources would be able to glean a surprising amount of intelligence, perhaps even within a few days. Specifically, when dealing with high-risk clients it must always be taken into account that a hostile group may in-fact have a good capability and a small professional team with time, patience and resources.

The large range of limiting factors will, however, normally provide the security team a much greater chance of identifying hostile surveillance, but two major factors must be taken into consideration. The first is that terrorist and criminal organizations normally have time and dedication on their side. They can pop in and pop out, they can choose their times and methods, they can also utilize human sources and agents. All the time slowly building up their intelligence picture. The second and most important to acknowledge and understand though is that accurately and covertly identifying surveillance is far from easy.

Skills and Drills

There are two factors that must be taken into account when dealing with hostile surveillance detection:

  1. The skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of the person or group carrying out the hostile surveillance.


2. The skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of the person or group carrying out the anti and counter surveillance.

Whilst attempting to identify hostile surveillance it is important that tactics are undertaken to a high standard, but also covertly. This is just one of the reasons why intensive training and specialist counter surveillance teams should always be considered, especially for high-risk clientele. Whatever the level of hostile surveillance being conducted, whether it be rudimentary or highly professional it is important that hostile surveillance does not realize that anti and counter-surveillance measures are in place and being utilized. There are two main reasons:

  • If hostile surveillance is unaware of the counter-measures in place they are far more likely to make a mistake, use sloppy tradecraft or become complacent and therefore be identified easier and quicker.
  • If hostile surveillance becomes aware that they have been spotted it can lead to a number of possible actions including, impulsive behavior and an increased risk of action or attack. But, and this is more likely, they may just take a step back to then take two steps forward in the future, with better skills and resources. As we mentioned dedicated and professional teams will spot poor anti and counter surveillance early, they will drop out and only come back when they feel it is safe to do so.

It is clear that a hostile surveillance detection is a vital tool in trying to minimize the risk of kidnap. Those that wish harm on others, especially professional and dedicated terrorist or criminal organizations will strive to gather intelligence on their targets. With this intelligence, they will look to exploit the weaknesses of a target and turn these into opportunities for a successful attack.

Remember, if there is a gap between the skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of the hostile surveillance team and those of the security team, one side will falter.

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baby clothes sale

The Importance of Cheap Baby Clothes Sale

Who would want to take advantage of deals like cheap baby clothes sale? We all want to dress our babies in the most fashionable outfits just because we want them to look as cute as can be.

Cheap baby clothes sale are not as hard to find as other designer clothes on the market. But if you can get something cheaper, wouldn’t you buy it?

Babies outgrow their clothes too fast so the most practical choice for fashionista parents is to look for cheap baby clothes sale.

It can be hard to find designer clothes that parents can afford. There are many other expenses that have to be considered with a new baby on board. Milk and diapers need to be purchased so the best alternative is to look for cheap baby clothes sale.

The question that needs to be asked now is where you can find these more affordable designer clothes.

baby clothes sale
baby clothes sale

Looking for Cheap Baby clothes sale

If you are determined to dress your baby in simply the best, then you will need to do your research. It isn’t hard to look for cheap baby clothes sale because you can find these at clearance sales.

Some shops that are closing down hold clearance sales on their merchandise. At local baby stores, you can find cheap baby clothes sale because the stores want to still profit from their inventory.

The designer clothes can be sold for almost half the price and these are definitely great bargains that any parent can have.

Besides cheap baby clothes sale, parents can also find very affordable baby stuff that they can buy at the same time. Of course these will also be sold with large discounts attached.

Cheap Baby clothes sale Online

If you want to really get the best deals and have a wider selection to choose from, you can find cheap baby clothes sale at baby stores that are online. Yes, the World Wide Web is one big shopping center with wonderful deals that have enticed thousands of parents.

When you go online and simply type in the key words “cheap baby clothes sale,” your search engine will come up with hundreds of links.

You can start searching the first few pages and be content. There are many great offers so you will need to be careful in choosing good and cheap baby clothes sale.

You may even find yourself overwhelmed with the choices and prices. It can be hard to choose and you have to be careful because you may end up buying more cheap baby clothes sale than what you planned.

These days, shopping online is made more secure. You can check out reviews and forums that talk about buying cheap baby clothes and suggest where you can go.

You can also just window shop online and take your time browsing through the online catalogues of these baby shops. The shops always have images of the cheap baby clothes they are selling with details to help parents make good choices.

When shopping online, most consumers appreciate how some online stores do their best to make the experience as hassle-free as possible. It is easy to shop for cheap baby clothes when all you have to do is click on the items and add them to your shopping cart. You can check out later and remove items before you pay.

Read as many articles and gather as much information as possible before you buy anything from anywhere. When shopping for cheap baby clothes sale UK, you can get the best deals online so learn more about it today.

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Red Mother of the Bride Dresses Halter Corset Bodice Evening Formal Dress

What makes Mother of the Bride so special? Why are they the most highlighted people at a wedding, aside from the bride of course?  If questions like these have ever popped in the back of your head, then you must have paid much attention to the style and elegance of the Mother of the Bride Dresses. Mother of the Bride has their own specific line of clothing.  Many manufactures and designers have been introducing new products into the fashion market on what seems like a daily basis.  Aside from lavish tiaras and beautifully crafted shoes, Mother of the Bride has their own style of dresses as well.  Of all the Mother of the Bride Dresses I have seen at weddings the most amazing one has been one of the  Halter Corset bodice red Mother of the Bride Dresses. The first time I saw this dress, I knew it is special.

Mother of the Bride Dresses
Mother of the Bride Dresses

Red Mother of the Bride Dresses -Halter Corset Bodice Evening Dress

The Halter corset bodice red Mother of the Bride Dresses sets the bar in the fashion industry.  Being completely red it gives whoever wears it a radiant look.

Halter corset bodice red Mother of the Bride Dresses are full length dresses, meaning they start at the neck and continue all the way down to your feet.  That is how it provides cover for your whole body. The drop from collar bone is fairly long which makes it fit perfectly over your shoulders and upper torso.  There is a crystal pin along the waist line that helps give this dress a very elegant look.  Because of this crystal these red Mother of the Bride Dresses are called a shining star in the fashion industry.

When it comes to dresses, the fabric is a big factor.  You will never be able to be comfortable in a dress if the fabric it’s made of has a rough feel.  Halter corset bodice red Mother of the Bride Dresses are made entirely of satin.  This gives them a very silky and smooth feeling and makes it very comfortable to wear.

Even though this is a bridesmaid dress, it can be worn for more occasions other than just weddings.  Do you have a romantic candle lit dinner planed? Or are you going to attend your sister’s homecoming party?  The Halter corset bodice bridesmaid evening formal dress would be perfect for both of these occasions.

Mother of the Bride Dresses
Mother of the Bride Dresses

There is one specific problem that I found with the dress.  This dress does not have the universal size chart.  It uses its own size chart.  If you have to have specific parts of dresses sized by your tailor then this dress might not be the best dress for you.  Halter corset bodice red Mother of the Bride Dresses have their own size chart it can be a bit difficult to ensure that you order the correct size for you.  If you are having difficulty determining what size you need you can always contact customer service to ensure that you order the correct size.  Its size chart is perfectly compatible with the merchant chart of Online Sopping website.

You can get one of these red Mothers of the Bride Dresses in at Online Shopping website.  This dress does have a pretty steep price but it is definitely worth its cost.  So go ahead and get one for yourself today.

SEO companies Los Angeles


It’s no surprise that SEO is an ever evolving field and you need to be on the toes if you are an eCommerce business online. With the growing competition in every sector, you would need to be careful about SEO on your website. Look for an experienced SEO company in Los Angeles and get started.

Focus on Versus Posts for Your Blog

Versus posts on your blog can be a good way to pull the attention of the interested users. If you are starting your new eCommerce business, you should create versus posts for your blog. Think of the competitors and write posts about what makes your products or services different from theirs. Compare the products and services with the big brands to get more traffic to your website.

Write Attractive Title Tags

Believe it or not, title tags play a major role in rankings. Once you have enticing title tags, people are more likely to click on the website link. Avoid boring and monotonous title tags and think of something different. Include the most important keywords and write title tags that compel the users to click on your site URL.

SEO companies Los Angeles
SEO companies Los Angeles

Better Product Descriptions

Most of the buyers look for detailed product descriptions while buying products online. ECommerce store owners should have fully fledged product descriptions that include a bunch of keywords to pull the attention of the potential customers. Sometimes, writing product descriptions can be a challenge. Seek help from SEO companies Los Angeles or hire a professional content writer to do it. Make sure that all the products have accurate descriptions.

Get Reviews

This may sound to be an old trick, but it works. You can find bloggers in your niche and ask them to review your products. You may have to exchange your product in return. You can try to find local bloggers who can write reviews for your products. Some bloggers may charge reasonable amount of money for reviewing the product.

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Run Promotions

A good way to penetrate the market fast is to run promotional offers through social shares. You can use social media to create a buzz about the discounts and offers at your eCommerce store. Post the content into groups and forums so that you get the attention of interested users. You can also run competitions on your website and post the details on the social media pages. Give away discounts and coupons to attract more and more buyers.

Keep an eye on the latest industry trends to make your eCommerce business grow. Remember that SEO is a long term affair and you may have to wait for months or even years to get rankings. Talk to your top seo services Company Los Angeles and ask them how you can generate business from your website. Look for experienced professionals in the industry and plan the most effective strategies that help your website generate good amount of sales in the minimum possible time.

There’s a lot of competition in the eCommerce businesses these days. Every eCommerce business owner wants to stay ahead in the race. Proven eCommerce SEO Los Angeles tactics can help you stand out of the crowd and generate huge profits.

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Current Trends in Organic baby clothes UK

Those people who likes to wear organic baby clothing, they often asks the same questions- is it good that you renew all of your wardrobe with the use of an organic clothes and remain at your won fashion? A lot of people think about organic clothes with a different kind of trend and style like being hippies, baggy, wide and t-shirts that fits their body.

Well, you can still find a hippie and a baggy clothes of your choice made from organic products. However, since the origin of hippie and baggy clothes has changed a lot and at the present the variation of these clothes are made from organic materials it became much wider as well as it is capable to satisfy any tastes.

Organic baby clothes uk Don’t you know that even in fashion shows in which there are also organic clothes that are present as well? The mostly used materials in manufacturing organic clothes are cotton, hemp, wool and bamboo. The modern manufacturers can also work with a lot of these materials and can also make any kind of clothes which you can imagine.

organic baby clothes uk

This can be very soft, firm and shining and sometimes matte. Any kind of colours are needed and definitely reached by means of an organic dye. A lot of manufactures make use of this variety of production of clothes and the deliver it each in very fashionable apparels.

On the other hand, not merely all the new brands completely concentrated in the organic baby’s clothing that can aid in filling up your wardrobe with a non-polluting clothes and apparels. And also, famous brands that ignored the manufacturing of kids organic clothing are now starting a line of clothing that caters all organic materials. And among them are H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Nike and a lot more.

These companies already learn the fashion of using these kinds of materials in manufacturing their own line of clothing. And also these companies do not just create trendy and fashionable apparels but a line of clothes that are safe for the environment and friendly in your skin.

The world industries of producing clothe lines becomes more organic. And this go in a more advance way and that can benefit all of us. For baby, those who likes to make the earth a better place and more organic and purer, it would be best that you switch your choice of clothing to an organic one.

Earlier you have to make a choice between the fashion and the ecology, however the present trends shows that the present times the fashion and the ecology meets half way to each other. And answering all of your questions in the articles heading, is yes undoubtedly.

These organic baby clothes uk for baby and even for men are not only fashionable but also an environmentally friendly.  After all the people who cares for the ecology in itself beautiful and they have to be beautiful as well in terms of their clothing. Go for organic cotton baby clothes because it is all natural!


Differences Between Cocktail Outfits In Addition To Conventional Dresses

A new dress wear usually means that whatever we don to the nightclub. Liquids plus party foods are usually served right now there. Furthermore, visitors include liberty to make the decision this skirts length considering that the nightclub is definitely much less professional compared to many events. Official gowns usually are what we should dress in to be able to special events like elegant wedding parties, paintballs, charitable organization situations, and so forth. Selecting what to wear is dependent upon case formality. When you don purple bridesmaid dresses the USA in a very professional event, you will possibly not end up being assumed like a developed lady when formal gatherings require proper solemnities.


Second step. cocktail dresses are often ranged via mid-thigh to help joint size. You may make your mind up a sweater time-span based on the body design. The mid-thigh period gown is usually wonderful for a girl with awesome lower limbs, though any joint size dress satisfies regarding all-figures. Having said that, this extent connected with wedding dresses USA 2018 are typically coming from leg duration for you to ground length. Flooring duration is utterly the most popular just one when you find yourself joining many proper situations as being a cathedral wedding and reception. It’s not suitable to use a good above-knee time-span clothe yourself in an official celebration.

Tropical drink gowns appear in a variety of colors and styles. Bold colorings such as red as well as wagering action brindles are certain to turn heads inside of a nightclub. Don’t worry about this you may be better versus the woman in a very wedding party or you’ll just certainly not appear graceful in the brilliant glistening tinted clothe themselves with a new white colored tie situation. Not so, you’ll want to be aware of choosing a color of official attire. As always, boring or maybe painless color combinations are appropriate to get official outfits. Keep away from the intense colorings like reddish colored as well as white in the memorial.

No matter what affair you happen to be participating, always remember to decorate ones outfit together with coordinating necklaces. A similar collection works for both equally cocktail dress plus conventional attire. Trendy grabs or maybe designer totes put in a stylish hint to the dress. Stilettos deal with the cocktail dress because they elongate the legs. Some beautiful high heels with deposits can emphasis ones floor duration bridesmaid dresses the USA and create some sort of reddish colored carpeting look. Don’t forget you should get some favored jewelry as well as a pendant for a whole collection.


These days most of the companies make significant investments in their content marketing efforts. Content is the king of a successful digital marketing campaign. Who would like to read the blogs if the content is boring? Will anyone click on the paid ads if they fail to provide the right message? Will your website be able to rank higher if it lacks the right keywords?

It’s obvious that content is a very critical component of any digital marketing campaign. You may have opted for SEO Colorado Springs services from experts but you do not get the desired results. Here are some of the top mistakes made by website owners that refrains them from getting content marketing results:

SEO Colorado Springs
SEO Colorado Springs

You are keyword stuffing

One of the most common reasons for the failure of SEO could be keyword stuffing. Many repetitions of keywords in a single article may be a shortcut to SEO success, but it can be harmful in the long run. Keyword stuffing is considered to be a black hat method to make the website rank higher.

Search engines are getting smarter day by day and they can detect keyword-stuffed content. Your website can be penalized if you do keyword stuffing. You can talk to Colorado SEO Company to get an idea about how to use keywords wisely and judiciously. Remember that your content is going to be read by humans, and not machines.

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile

Mobile optimization has become a necessity these days. If your content is not designed to be well fitted and functional on mobile devices, you may have to suffer a lot of loss. You should pay special attention to fonts, videos, images, buttons, headlines, scrolling, and layout to ensure that mobile users have no problem reading the content.

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Your content is not unique

Duplicate content can be a major SEO issue for any business. Plagiarized content that is copied from other sources or spinner content can levy penalties on your website. It is important to have high quality and engaging content for your website. There’s no need to churn out low-quality articles and blog posts. You can hire the best seo marketing agency in Colorado and ask them if they can help you with the content.

You have link problems

High-quality links are important to make the website rank higher in search engines. Try to earn good quality backlinks to your content. Top quality inbound links can do wonders to your business credibility. Remember that it is all about the quality and not quantity when it comes to backlinks.

If you are investing money in content, the last thing you would want is a failure due to content. Stay away from copywriters who use black hat tactics and hire the best search engine optimization firm in Colorado. Make sure that your content is easily accessible on all the devices and loads quickly.

Content plays a major role in SEO Colorado and one should hire experienced copywriters to produce high-quality content. Original, top quality content with the right keywords will help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines.

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A Natural Facial Mask with Powerful Health Benefits

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It not only serves as a barrier, it also helps eliminate toxins from the body. Skin is made of millions of pores and a large number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands. To make sure your skin is in perfect condition to help your body detoxify, you can use a natural facial mask.

There are many commercial facial masks based on natural ingredients found in beauty stores, but preparing one in your home can be beneficial if your system is sensitive. After all, you will know exactly which ingredients you’ve used. A homemade natural facial mask can save money too.

Turmeric for Perfect Skin

Turmeric is a plant that originates from southern Asia. It is part of the ginger family, and thanks to its amazing healing properties it has become popular around the globe. In addition incredible healing effects inside the body, such as in cases of diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, this spice is also an effective natural beauty product. In fact, brides in India have relied on turmeric as a complete body scrub and natural facial mask for generations to cleanse and brighten skin before the wedding ceremony.

The beauty benefits of turmeric.

  • Turmeric has been used as a natural skin exfoliant for centuries. It enhances the texture of skin.
  • This spice is rich in antioxidants, compounds that prevent premature aging and fight cell damage.
  • Turmeric has the potential to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It can be used to lower pigmentation and bring balance to skin tone.
  • It can help in cases of inflammatory skin conditions, including dry skin, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Homemade Turmeric Natural Facial Mask

Here is an excellent and easy recipe for a natural turmeric facial mask. Be advised, however, this mask can temporarily stain the skin, so make sure you try it when you have a quiet day to yourself.


Adding turmeric to a natural facial mask recipe

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 2 tablespoons flour. You can use rice flour, regular flour, or ground oats if your skin is dry.
  • 3-4 drops organic honey
  • 3 tablespoons milk, or yogurt if you are experiencing problems with acne.


  • Mix all ingredients well until you create a paste.
  • Put a thin layer of this mixture onto the face, and wait for 20 minutes or until it becomes dry.
  • Take a shower to rinse off the mask. Scrub gently to remove.
  • Finish by applying a high-quality moisturizer.

Caution: Stained Skin and Allergic Reactions

Turmeric will probably stain your skin, but this is only temporarily, and often worth it for the benefits it provides. People with fair skin tone are more prone to this issue. Staining is also more likely if you are using the mask for a longer period of time.

To reduce staining, try performing a sugar scrub mixed with oil when you remove the natural face mask.

Mix some natural oil, such as almond or olive oil, with an equal amount of fine sugar. Rub this mixture directly onto your facial skin. Use lukewarm water to rinse it off.

Another good tip is to use this all-natural facial mask before bedtime.

When it comes to allergies, it’s worth mentioning that in a small number of individuals both honey and turmeric can lead to allergic reactions. These individuals can experience contact dermatitis, hives, blisters, redness, swelling, and itchiness. If you suspect you may have an allergy, you can test the DIY turmeric mask on a small area of your skin and wait to see if there are any negative effects.

Turmeric is a powerful spice which can help people in many different situations, and it’s worth the extra effort to try it. This spice can be especially helpful for those with other health conditions, including Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS).

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

AFS is a medical condition involving improperly functioning adrenal glands. The adrenal glands, which are located right above the kidneys, produce cortisol, a hormone that helps people manage stressful situations. Adrenal fatigue is often the result of ongoing stress and occurs when the adrenals can no longer produce adequate cortisol to meet demand. More and more people suffer from it in today’s society.

The body responds to stress using the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response, a holistic network of systems within the body that manages stress. These systems and organs interact in a way that creates a closed network. If you take care of the body systems in this network, you are better able to recover from AFS naturally.

Turmeric and AFS

AFS and a natural facial maskTurmeric is one of the healthiest spices in the world. It provides numerous benefits, which is why it is recommended by many health counselors for dietary supplementation. What is even more interesting is that turmeric can be considered helpful in cases of adrenal fatigue. Several scientific studies have suggested that turmeric is able to reduce inflammation. It does this by reducing the levels of histamine, a compound that cells release in response to inflammatory and allergic reactions.

Additionally, there is the possibility that turmeric, taken orally or topically as a part of a natural face mask, can support the adrenal glands in producing cortisol, the hormone that can reduce inflammation. However, as turmeric can help naturally detoxify the body, those who have severe AFS need to be careful because of the potential for adrenal crashes.

Turmeric, as a mask or raw, is a restorative for the NEM Stress Response. It aids the body in combating stress on its own. Restoring hormonal balance and optimizing the adrenal glands is another benefit of using turmeric.

Turmeric is usually not linked to noticeable side effects. However, it is possible that you could experience nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, or dizziness after using this spice. Those dealing with iron deficiency, infertility, GERD, diabetes, and bleeding problems should use a smaller amount.

AFS sufferers often feel exhausted and live with chronic stress. However, by taking a holistic approach that considers the NEM Stress Response, this problem can be eased and solved. A mind-body approach won’t be complete without turmeric. This herb can also have a calming effect on neurohormones and the brain, in addition to enhancing memory and promoting overall health.

With AFS, it’s not just the adrenal glands that have problems. There is a lot of pressure on the liver too, for example. Turmeric can also aid other areas of the body. Curcumin, the active ingredient found in turmeric, can improve liver function. It can also support the work of the enzymes that eliminate dietary carcinogens. This means turmeric can also prevent damage to the liver caused by ethanol, cirrhosis, iron overdose, or carbon tetrachloride.