Find XL Center Seating Charts!

We’ve spent hours gathering information, pictures and seating charts from every major venue in the United States and Canada. We know how important these events can be for you and therefore have provided a quick and easy way to find the perfect seats at the next big game or concert!

It is important to do your research before you attend any event where you are purchasing seated tickets. You may be able to pay the same amount of money for a better view within the arena and doing a little research will help you figure that out. If you’re like us, then you probably have received a phone call from a family member or friend saying, “Hurry, get your tickets they are almost out! You need to be sitting near us and I can’t remember our seat section! I only know they’re on the third row, lower section of the west end directly behind the basketball hoop.” Okay…thanks…I guess. This is a perfect scenario why is so extremely handy. Not only can you quickly find the correct seating chart, but you can also grab your tickets here too! Nothing like knocking out two birds with one stone!

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You will notice that each XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS page comes equipped with a brief history of each stadium. Why you may ask? Well, for one, it’s a great conversation starter. As a “die-hard” fan one should know as much about their team as possible. That includes knowing about the history of the stadium in which their team plays in. As most games (or concerts) go, you may not be familiar with everyone sitting around you. Knowing a brief history of the stadium will add perceived value to yourself especially when you answer questions about the stadium with those next to you.

Most games or concerts that you go to are usually 2 – 4 hours in length and tend to finish in the evening. It’s always nice and extremely convenient to have hotel reservations at a hotel near your stadium. With the help of Google Maps, we’ve included a tool on each XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS page to visually show you all the nearest hotels to your event stadium with reviews of each hotel!

It’s also fun to not only know the history of the stadium in which you’re attending, but to know some quick facts about the venue as well. On each XL CENTER SEATING CHARTS page we’ve provided a “Quick Facts” section to give you some arrows in your quiver in case it’s trivia time at the big game! It’s always nice to know the seating capacity as you look around and gauge for yourself how full or empty the stadium is. Knowing when the stadium opened can give you more appreciation for the architecture that was put in to the construction of the facility. You may find that some amenities are lacking and knowing when the stadium was built can solve the mystery as to why it doesn’t currently exist.

Going to special events especially when it’s your favorite team or artist performing can be great for the soul. It gives a person something to look forward to. When you are at the game, you feel apart of a connected group that shares at least one thing in common, and this makes you feel awesome and electrified. This same sort of feeling can come from a concert of an artist you love. Good memories and times of old come rushing back as you are blown away by your favorite artist in what seems like your own private concert being performed just for you!

Best Whey Protein with Water

Best Whey Protein with Water for Women and Men

Establishing a Relationship with Protein Powder

If you’ve started going to the gym and overhearing people talking about protein powder, you may have no clue what it is. However, it’s becoming a more popular option to add to people’s diets; especially those who are trying to build muscle mass. They have other purposes as well and make it easy for anyone to get the recommended amount of protein they need each day in their diet.

What is Protein Powder?

Protein powder can be purchased in a variety of forms: soy, casein and whey protein are the most common. Whey protein powder is what most people refer to, and is a milk protein that is dissolved in water. It is considered to be a “complete protein”, meaning that it contains all nine of the amino acids that the body needs. Due to the ease of making a shake with this powder, it has become a convenient source for getting all of one’s high-quality protein without having to cook a thing. Though there are good sources of protein in lean meat, such as chicken and fish, protein powder can be taken with you on the go. That’s much less hassle than carrying a slab of steak around with you.

Other Uses of Protein Powder

Although they are mostly geared towards bodybuilders and people trying to put on weight, there are beneficial uses for other individuals as well. For example, during the puberty stage, teenagers require more protein in order to fully develop their growing bodies. Another example is the recovery after an injury. If there has been a torn muscle or ligament, ingesting ample amounts of protein will help the body to rebuild and heal the injury at a much faster rate, as it has more protein material to work with. Thirdly, protein powder is perfect for those who are interested in becoming vegan and want an easy way to maintain the protein in their diet. Eliminating meat from one’s diet can lead to nutritional problems. Protein powder provides everything a vegan could need to stay healthy with the removal of meat from their diet.

Protein Powder: Easy to Use

In order to get the most out of your protein powder, it’s recommended that you add it to a glass of chocolate milk. Although protein powder has been shown to help the body recover after a workout, the drain of energy has the body craving for carbohydrates: sugars, mostly. With a glass of chocolate milk and added protein powder, it’s considered to be the best “Recovery Shake” for a workout. Not only will it help your muscles recover more quickly, but you’ll have more energy after the recovery and won’t resort to craving for other forms of carbs.

Tips when Choosing the Best Whey Protein with Water

Best whey protein with water
Best whey protein with water

Over the years, various supplements have been introduced for the purpose of improving one’s state of health and physical appearance. Among others, protein powder has captivated the attention of many because of its potential to help you add up extra pounds and turn such into muscle mass through proper training. More so, it is also helpful in being able to boost the immune system and to deliver a wide array of other health benefits. However, this will all depend on the one you will choose, which makes it recommendable to settle with nothing but the best whey protein with water. In the rest of this article, you will know some points to remember to end up choosing the right product and to enjoy the numerous protein benefits.

Good Protein Powder: Determine the Type of Protein for your Needs

To make sure of being able to choose the best whey protein with water, one of the first things you should do is to determine the type best for your needs and preferences. In this case, you will generally have four choices: whey, casein, soy, and rice. Your best bet will often be whey protein, which can be digested faster by the body. Casein protein, on the other hand, digests in a much slower phase, and hence, the nutrients are also released slowly. If you are a vegetarian, the best choice for you will be soy and rice protein.

Top Protein Powder: Decide on Cost

Like in buying anything else, purchasing top protein powder will also require the need for you to be mindful of price. One suggestion is for you to buy the smallest size available first, especially if you are a beginner in taking such. This will also allow you to spend a minimal amount while having the opportunity to first test on whether or not it will be best for you. To fully enjoy protein benefits, you do not necessarily have to spend too much. Just carefully research about each alternative in the product category and choose one with the perfect balance between price and quality.

Best whey protein with water: Consider the Flavourings and Sweeteners

Those who are buying good protein powder for the first time may not be mindful about the flavourings and sweeteners used, but this will actually be very important. Usually, there will be three variants of the best whey protein with waters available: no sweeteners or flavourings, having artificial flavouring or sweeteners, and having natural; sweeteners or flavourings. Your choice will depend on your preferences as the flavour will have no significant impact on the protein benefits of the product but will just affect its taste. In line with this, you also need to consider the enhancements used to increase its nutritional value. A popular enhancement would be lecithin, which is known for the cardiovascular benefits and ability to enhance memory.

The Ultimate Hens Night Ideas & Organization Guide Part- 3

Trustworthy Organizations for Hens Night Packages / Hens Night Services

There seems to be a preconceived notion that male entertainment companies can sometimes be a bit shady. This is both true and false; I’ll provide you with some tips on what to look out for below.

Most Hens night in Brisbane services will be happy to accept a small deposit fee to secure your date, for instance when I am speaking with a client for a package booking we simply require a $500 lock-in deposit fee to secure your booking and ensure no other ladies can book out that date. This gives you time to organise funds with the ladies and pick up cash/payments from everybody that owes you before the event begins, whilst still knowing your date is secured, payment would only be due the week before your event!

What to avoid:

Hens night Brisbane
Hens night Brisbane
  • Companies that deal in cash.  Dealing with cash typically means that the company is employing shady workers, usually foreigners who are working illegally. Dealing with illegal companies (and yes even some big ones – major competitors to us), can cost you big time – especially if things go wrong and you realize that you had illegally employed someone and your insurance doesn’t cover anything. It also means there is no money trail so a company can easily take your money and then take advantage of the fact that nothing has been documented. Be very careful when dealing with cash based businesses, all of John Parker Events workers are all legally able to work and possess ABN’s – Our business is registered and insured and we only deal with transfers.
  • Companies that don’t require deposits. These companies tend to cancel on you last minute if a “Better” event comes around (more profit for them), this leaves ladies in the dark and leaves you as the maid of honour to find someone last minute with the whole fate of the event in your hands (stressful much?!). This could be a disaster.

If organizing a deposit payment with any hens night / party planners always ensure they are providing a copy of their terms and conditions, read them carefully as to be sure there aren’t any hidden costs. Particularly read the different refund protocols for the service you have selected, if you have just booked a topless waiter then your refund policy may be different to that of a male stripper or a hens night package.

I would also look into their reputation, are they known for hosting hens nights primarily? Or are they more of a general party caterer? If it’s the latter I would definitely ask to see photos of the boys they will be providing, if they seem like they are avoiding showcasing their topless waiters it may be because they are outsourcing these for you – and hence charging higher rates. Check out their facebook reviews and the quality of their instagram to make sure their brand aligns with the things you value when it comes to hens nights! John Parker keeps all of our topless waiters in-house, they are all trained cocktail mixologists and we do not out-source anything at all, now that’s quality.

When examining their reviews on facebook, you want to avoid any companies that have reviews discussion poor refund policies or topless waiters that didn’t get the job done. If choosing to proceed with this company, take down the names of the waiters who didn’t do a good job in the review section and ensure you don’t get them! John Parker Events has some of the best topless waiters Australia wide and can easily be incorporated into any of our Hens night packages Brisbane. Be careful not to get tricked by “fake” reviews – the biggest male entertainment provider in Australia has thousands of fake reviews to inflate their score, but realistically they actually have hundreds of real “one star” reviews (they really aren’t that great after all). John Parker doesn’t hide their poor reviews, we only have two 1 star reviews in over 5 years of operating, with hundreds of real, verified reviews.

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What Are the Side Effects of Cheap Protein Powders?

Protein is always a major element being used by humans to develop their muscles, bones and nowadays many skin care products also offer protein in them. Same is the case when it comes to raise your physical growth of muscles and also when you are looking for losing weight through natural mediums than cheap protein powder are mostly preferred by the health workers, body building experts and the athletes who have taken them with proven results.

cheap protein powder
cheap protein powder

Protein powders are taken before exercises and at times when your body is not in a state of excessive working because it increases the calories level that you might burn during your workout or which you had already burnt during your exercise or workout. Now the question that may bug all of us is that what are the side effects of protein powders? You might have used any product in past which might have resulted in serious problems afterwards e.g. Once I bought a pimple cream late in my childhood as it’s the age when everyone is suffering from pimple problem so when I used it for some days it resulted in some serious skin allergies because my skin reacted with the chemicals in a way which it was not supposed to. In our life we may have gone through such experiences and it’s the reason why your mind keep on repeating what are the side effects of protein powders?

Other possible side effects of a protein powder could be due to excessive consumption and without proper guidance. Our kidneys could respond very negatively to such diets and therefore it may increase the level of acidity in blood which may react with calcium in body and thus making bones weak. Once you are bones become weak than there will be no use of your big strong muscles and weak bones may lead towards injuries. For all those people who have kidney stones they should take more care about the daily intake of protein powders. Over consumption in such case will lead to severe pain. Therefore avoid excessive consumption and get a balanced diet plan for daily intake.

Side effects of protein powder can also depend on your age. As proteins are the building blocks for the muscles there fore they tend to increase the metabolism and many times doctors recommend them to the weak or old people as well but here you have to keep in mind is your body ready for any such dosage as after all it is our body who has to digest and extract the energy out of it.

Although protein powders are very important for building muscles but it quite clear that their excessive consumption by anyone can lead to severe complications. If you ever get any minor problem from the use of any of the protein powders than you must consult your doctor about the issue and surely he can recommend you some good daily dose of protein so that your body does not get any harmful effects of protein powders. You should know when to take protein powders on daily basis.


whey water

Protein Water For Kids

Protein water for kids are a nutritional supplement that should be considered carefully before use, but are extremely helpful for a number of children with certain conditions or malnutrition.

The years in which children are growing are a sensitive time with respect to nutrition, and it is very important to make sure that children get all the nutrients they need. While many children can grow and gain weight normally with minimal interference, some need a supplement in the form of protein powder and water to help keep their growth on track.

Protein and Growing Children

Children need to have adequate protein intake at all times. Lack of protein can cause a host of problems related to growth, weight gain or loss and metabolic problems, as well as potential muscle damage or atrophy in active children. These are just a few natural functions protein powder and water For Kids of protein that help to keep your child healthy:

  •      Active muscle growth in growing children
  •      Maintenance and repair of muscles in athletic children
  •      Weight maintenance and maintaining a good metabolic equilibrium
  •      Strengthening and building the immune system in all children
protein powder and water
protein powder and water

Does Your Child Need Protein Supplements?

Before adding nutrient protein powder and water for kids to your child’s diet, it is very important to consult a doctor or a dietician, preferably one with pediatric experience. They should have some familiarity with your child and their needs and medical history.

Once the child has been carefully evaluated in terms of growth rate, overall health and weight gain, your doctor may recommend starting a regimen of protein water.

Most of these protein powder and water for kids are aimed at children who have low body weight and need to gain weight to stay in the healthy range. However, there is a wide range of shakes available that are indicated for different uses.

There are shakes that are designed for healthy caloric intake, for treating general malnutrition and for addressing different specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There are also shakes that are aimed directly at providing large amounts of protein for children who are suffering from muscle damage or loss due to active sports and exercise and lack of proper replenishment after workouts or games.

Protein water For Kids who are at a healthy weight and not suffering from any nutritional deficiencies should not take protein water, since this will provide them with excess calories and cause weight gain leading to childhood obesity.

Additionally, protein water for kids do not work well for weight loss in children. The use of protein supplements for weight loss in children is actually more likely to encourage weight gain, hence their use for treating malnutrition and low weight. You should never give your child protein water or nutritional supplements without consulting a doctor first.

Children may not be immediately receptive to the idea of having protein water as a regular part of their diet. However, most protein water come in the form of a bland powder that can be mixed into any kind of shake or smoothie, leaving the taste and flavor free to be tailored to your child and their preferences.

Many children enjoy fruit smoothies, while others may prefer chocolate flavoring and peanut butter or honey. Certain children will benefit hugely from adding protein water for kids to their diet, and if your doctor indicates that this is the case, it is important to start as soon as possible.



Reasons Why Your Real Estate Needs Swimming Pool Remodeling

To begin with, swimming pool remodeling serves a number of purposes. Shelling out some dimes on such a project is more than it’s worth because it doesn’t need to be done every year. Once done, you can be ensured of a functional pool for a number of years. Thus, the first advantage of swimming pool resurfacing is a great return on investment.

Despite the fact that the decision to go for Westlake Village pool remodeling depends mostly on the requirement, there are other factors too, which need to be taken into purview.

For instance, swimming pool remodeling increases the durability of the pool, which, in the long run, ensures the pool’s longevity.

By now you must be wondering when it becomes necessary to have your swimming pool renovated. The answer to this is whenever the pool floor tiles’ or plaster get damaged.



Because when the floor becomes damaged, it can hurt you or your children. Apart from that, damaged floors are also an unsightly sight to behold.

So what changes can be made when resurfacing your swimming pool?

Changing the heating systems is one of the most preferred ones. These days, solar heating systems for pools are ruling the roost. The landscape of the area around the pool can be changed to give the surroundings an air of opulence.

Swimming pool resurfacing can thus serve as a viable alternative for showcasing the change in your lifestyle. This can be achieved by having the pool resurfaced using high-quality stones or tiles.

In the end, it boils down to the question of when should the work of swimming pool resurfacing be done?

The best time for swimming pool resurfacing happens to be in the months of winter. This is because the pool is not used during the winter season. However, if your residence happens to be in an area where it snows or rains a lot during winter time, then it would not be the right time for doing the work of resurfacing. In such a case, summer would be the best choice. This would entail foregoing a few days of swimming in the pool.

However, for getting the best out of your pool and giving it a new look altogether, it wouldn’t harm in sacrificing a few days of your comfort. Isn’t it?

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protein powder with water

Best Protein Powder

So if looking for a truly Protein powder these factors should be kept in mind. Unfortunately, for most Protein dieters, the majority of protein powders on the market cannot be used. Most protein powders are based on whey protein, a byproduct of milk processing. Since milk is one of the most banned substances on the Protein Diet, these protein powder with water should not be considered. The same holds true for soy protein, particularly as these carry the extra dangers of being high in very toxic phytoestrogens.

Thus, if one is looking for a usable protein powder for the Protein Diet, one should avoid most commercial brands. However, there are some manufacturers that have come up with solutions with Protein dieters in mind. These generally get there protein from a combination of several sources. These include whole egg protein, egg white protein, and beef protein isolate. These are ingredients that would be wholly approved under the Protein Diet if they had not been processed. Protein Pro has a Protein powder that fits this description.

Now these protein powders will work best for a Protein dieter, but are not optimum because they are still processed. As a result, they are still subject to certain contaminants in processing (theoretically, one may or may not think that is important) and doe not give one the whole food experience. However, there are some very good reasons that some people should consider using protein powder while on the Protein Diet.

The first class of people who could really benefit are professional athletes who are looking to gain massive amounts of muscle. While there are some differences in professional opinion as to the necessity of consuming protein powders for bulking up, a large part of the fitness industry believes consuming large amounts of protein in this matter helps. This is particularly due to the fact that one can get large amounts of it without consuming too much fat (as if you ate a lot of meat) or too much carbohydrates (as if you ate a lot of eggs).

Another important group of people who could benefit from protein powder are those people who have difficulty chewing their food due to some other form of disability. This can be particularly useful in the elderly, small children, or those recovering from surgery or some other form of physical trauma.

protein powder and water
protein powder and water

Protein Powders

When consuming protein powders, one does need to take certain precautions. People who substitute shakes for real meals can often fall into the danger of not getting enough fiber. This is one of the many reasons that Protein Diet enthusiasts are usually very adamant on the need to eat raw food: it helps smooth over glucose spikes in the blood and ensures that you get enough real fiber from whole foods. If taking protein shakes, then one should be extra careful to add extra whole foods to the diet, or at minimum take a daily fiber supplement like Metamucil (not strictly Protein, but if you are taking protein powder, you have already crossed that line).

Another thing one needs to be aware of is to select protein powders from quality manufacturers to reduce the risk of toxic chemicals in the powder as a byproduct of the processing. In fact, Consumer Reports found recently that many popular protein shakes were contaminated with chemicals such as arsenic and mercury. These are facts you need to keep in mind when selecting a protein powder.

Protein powder is not specifically Protein compatible but can be used to supplement your diet. By taking a few extra precautions, one can potentially add it to the diet without missing many of the many benefits of the Protein lifestyle.

baby boy trousers

Red Breton Stripe Reversible Trousers – Organic Cotton

white baby trousers
white baby trousers

One pair of white baby trousers but twice the fun! Our reversible trousers are cosy, comfy and 100% organic.

The ultimate in versatility! Flip these girly striped kids’ trousers inside out and you’ll find a cool pink pair instead – it’s like magic! These GOTS certified organic reversible baby trousers are made from our signature super soft organic cotton so they’re great for sensitive skin. Elasticated waistband to make them extra comfy for growing tots. Roll them up to reveal the contrasting lining for a splash of extra colour! These look great with our cool organic t-shirts.

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Super-soft to the touch
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Made with AZO-free dyes
  • Elasticated waist

Free Delivery on all UK orders


Royal Mail Standard – 2 to 4 Working Days – FREE

Royal Mail 1st Class – 1 to 2 Working Days – £3.40

Next Working Day DHL Express – £9 (If ordered before 1 pm Mon to Fri)


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Rest of World Standard Delivery – Up to 2 weeks – £14 (Free for orders over £100)

Rest of World – DHL Express – 3 to 6 working days- £28

*If you are ordering from outside the UK or European Union local taxes and import duties may be applicable and payable when the delivery reaches the specified destination. You are responsible for payment of any such taxes and import duties. Please contact your local customs office for further information before placing your order. We cannot predict their amount or have any control over these.

**Please note! In the rare instance that your delivery is very heavy we may contact you for extra delivery costs.


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Returns Policy

We hope you love everything you order, but in case you don’t, not to worry. We will happily accept returns for unused merchandise in its original condition at time of purchase for up to 30 days from purchase date.

For items purchased on, we offer a full refund (with the exception of gift wrapping and shipping expenses associated with the order) if they are returned in their original condition within 30 days of purchase.

If in the unlikely event your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact us at or call us on 020 7193 6913. We are here to help and resolve any concerns Monday through Saturday from 9am GMT to 6pm GMT.

SEO Strategy to to Get an Optimal Result

Doing SEO, Search Engine Optimization from the beginning have been determined strategy that will be used to be able to compete with millions of websites that exist around the world. Internet marketing is a very interesting thing to me. I started to learn internet marketing especially SEO in 2019. When it first I create a website for my wife, my self-taught learning SEO. Learning from blogs that discuss about internet marketing and search marketing optimization. From there I began to love the world of internet marketing and SEO.

top seo companies in los angeles
top seo companies in los angeles

Internet marketing is the most I like is to be done from anywhere and anytime, not bound by space and time. With SEO, Search Engine Optimization we can put our website’s position in a particular State. For example, although I come from los angeles I can put the keywords “top seo companies in los angeles” for the State of USA. And it can also be done from my country, los angeles. To be able to place the position of the first page of Google’s keywords in a particular country we can do a few things below:

Add url

If your website just insert your website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc bing. Actually you do not enter the URL to the search engines do, by themselves they will enter a website or blog to their listings.

Country setting in Google webmaster tools

After you enter your url to search engines the next step is setting the Google webmaster tools. If you do not already have an account please register first. After you register please set the Google webmaster tools and do not forget to select your destination country to put keywords. In Google webmaster tools is you can also submit a sitemap for your website / blog.

Setting Language in Google Webmaster tools

After submit a sitemap and select a country to put the keywords the next step is setting the language. For the common language is English, since this international language. But you can also choose automatic.

Link Building Strategy

In a series of link building to get backlinks, it’s worth finding backlinks from the State that we are headed. For example, if we target keywords best seo company in los angeles in America, try to find backlinks from blogs that originate from Los Angeles or the United States.

Submit to local directories and listings

Enter our website to local online business directories that exist in the destination city. If you live in a large metropolitan area, there may be Several directories available to you. Your affordable seo company can devise a comprehensive local online marketing campaign That includes multiple geographic locations. Focusing on location-based keywords and a variety of local directories and maps, your business can rank well for a number of different locations.

Local SEO is to get national rangkings

People used to look for local businesses in Their Yellow Pages directory. Not anymore. In these days of mobile Web access and online browsing, people are using search engines more than ever to find businesses in Their local community. Local SEO is your key to getting noticed in this crowded online space.

You can get a good position on search engines both local and national with some of the steps above. The key of the above 6 things I think is a strategy in building the link, but five other things that also remains to be done. With the expected optimal SEO results your website can generate revenue continues to increase.


8 Tips to create a Landing Page

You need a copy for your landing page but you’re not sure where to start. First, let’s clarify what we mean by a landing page. A landing page can be a page that visitors come to after clicking on a promotional banner or link. Ultimately, the landing page must convince the visitor that they should stay on your site. You may also have a goal that you want to be accomplished, such as:

  • Signing up for a newsletter or filling out a förm
  • Buying a product
  • Reading informational pieces

What’s going to keep them there? The structure, the language, and the visual appeal all play a part of it. Chëck out these SEO consultant tips to create a great landing page, or reinvent the one you already have.

The Structure

People arrive at your site looking for answers. They scan to see if they’re in the right place and assess whether it’s going to be a quick and easy visit or a long grinding one. Your landing page is the welcome wagon inviting them in and feeding them the information they need. The structure of the page will either pull them in and encourage them to fulfill your goal or distract and cause them to cut out of there before getting the whole picture.

The structure of the landing page, in general, should be matching that of the banner, äd or link they clicked on to get them there. So for example, if your PPC Ad is targeting San Jose SEO Company articles, your landing page should discuss exactly that. If a Victoria Secret’s äd for lingerie shows up and you clíck on it, you will be transferred to a landing page with the exact image and structure of the äd.

The Visuals

  • Copy placement – Strategic use of copy and graphics will catch the visitor’s attention. Don’t muck up the page with large, distracting graphics. Use plenty of whitespaces and place your message in the central portion of the page rather than placing information down the sides, where the focus can be lost quickly. Keep the copy short. The visitor expects a precise message, so don’t choke it up with tons of mindless prose.
  • Beauty is in the eye – Use a consistent color palette. If you have advertising or banners that link visitors to your website, make sure the concept and color scheme match across the board. It’s also a great visual indicator for the visitor because they can easily identify that they’re still in the right place.
  • Simplify – Remove any distracting elements like advertising banners, links, or additional blocks of information from the page and get down to the specific message.
  • The Goal — Before you design the landing page, decide what the goal of the page will be. If you’re looking for newsletter subscribers, the goal will be to have the visitor enter their information and become a member of your mailing líst.

seo-pageBe a Sleuth

Do your research. Keep your visitors in mind when building your landing page and tailor it to suit their needs. By narrowing your options and focusing on your visitor, you’ll stay on target.

Keep Your Focus

Keep the focus on you. You’ve dangled a large poster board over their head and pulled them in. Now that you’ve got them, don’t give your visitors a reason to wander.

Use a Call to Action

A SEO Company call to action, such as ’subscribe now’ or ‘get this offër’ reminds the visitor why they are on your website. Place them toward the top of your page. For users that want to clíck, it allows them to find it easily. For those who are still deciding, it’s a great reminder.

Many sites place the consultation or contact förm directly on the landing page, which may not be such a bad idea. Again, you need glaring calls to action. Don’t add several useless links on the page that will take the visitor back to your main site; rather include the links that will get them to actually purchase your San Jose SEO Services.